BookPeople’s Favorite Reads of 2022

A lot of books came out this year, y’all. It’s utterly impossible to read them all, even among a building full of booksellers. While it’s easy to fall into the gamification of reading goals, it’s also important to take a step back and enjoy stories that are precious to us – which is what we’re doing with this list, as we look back throughout the year to the stories that really stuck with us.

What the Hot Girls are Reading on #BookTok in 2022 

by Michelle Z. If you, like me, are a woman anywhere between 15 and 35 on TikTok, you’ve probably been targeted with the “Hot Girl BookTok” videos. This is the Sally Rooney, My Year of Rest and Relaxation, Glossier Balm Dot Com crowd. You’ll recognize them carrying a tote bag and wearing Mejuri earrings, sipping … Continue reading What the Hot Girls are Reading on #BookTok in 2022 

Welcome Autumn: Fall Favorites for the Spooky Season

Today on the blog, Bookseller and Autumn-Season-Lover Gina shares her list of must-haves from BookPeople for the incoming season. Watching the color scheme change from Summer to Autumn as I scrolled through social media at the end of August was startling and welcomed. Maybe I’m biased because my birthday is in the fall, but as … Continue reading Welcome Autumn: Fall Favorites for the Spooky Season

On John Green’s The Anthropocene Reviewed

Today on the blog, Teen Press journalist Delia reviews John Green's latest, The Anthropocene Reviewed! Check out what she has to say about it and pick up your signed copy from BookPeople. I have always enjoyed reading John Green, so when I saw that he had come out with a new book, I went immediately … Continue reading On John Green’s The Anthropocene Reviewed

BookKids Reviews: Apocalypse Taco and One Trick Pony

Reviews by: Griffin (like the monster) Look what I found! Ya know, when Nathan Hale isn't writing graphic novel versions of historical cannibals, pirates, and warriors, he gets into some crazy and unique works of imagination. While his Hazardous Tales are almost universally beloved, these works, while maybe lesser known, offer utterly unique stories. Meet Apocalypse … Continue reading BookKids Reviews: Apocalypse Taco and One Trick Pony

BookKids Review: Amelia Erroway, Castaway Commander

Review by: Griffin (like the monster) Hi y'all, here we go again! More wonderful graphic novels to stimulate the imagination and increase critical thinking with a wonderfully emotionally complex and fictionally complete choice: Amelia Erroway: Castaway Commander! Twelve-year-old Amelia burns to pilot the great ornithopters of the city of Ables, but her father, Commander Erroway, once … Continue reading BookKids Review: Amelia Erroway, Castaway Commander

BookKids: Graphic Novels with Griffin

Join Griffin (like the monster) for some great graphic novel recommendations! These are all three appropriate for all ages and this time around each tells the tale of a quest! Your readers like adventure, hard or soft, well, I have read something they will like!  THE SUNKEN TOWER by Tait Howard  I know this publisher, … Continue reading BookKids: Graphic Novels with Griffin

Scott M. Reviews ‘River, Sing Out’

Scott M. reviews the sophomore effort from local author James Wade. Wade made a splash with his debut novel All Things Left Wild, receiving a Reading the West Award for debut fiction, and all signs point to another standout read coming early next month. James Wade got our attention with his debut, All Things Left Wild, … Continue reading Scott M. Reviews ‘River, Sing Out’