Michael Hurd on desegregation and ‘Thursday Night Lights’

Author Chris Barton has allowed us to share his conversation with Michael Hurd, author of the new nonfiction book "Thursday Night Lights: The Story of Black High School Football in Texas". To sign up for Chris's newsletter and be eligible to win a copy of this fascinating book, click here! BookPeople is proud to host … Continue reading Michael Hurd on desegregation and ‘Thursday Night Lights’

New Releases: 10/17

American Wolf by Nate Blakeslee: Local author Nate Blakeslee quickly became a bookseller favorite with his stellar protagonist, O-Six the legendary Yellowstone wolf, and her pack. His narrative non-fiction keeps you glued to the page throughout the environmental and political controversies surrounding the Yellowstone wolves. Our bookseller Mat calls it "emotionally and intellectually resonant," while … Continue reading New Releases: 10/17

TONIGHT: Get the bejeezus scared outta you in the BookPeople Café

The Nightmare Factory book club meets the third Tuesday of every month to discuss the best in literary horror fiction. Join us, if you dare!  As the world rolls haphazardly through space, ever closer to the Halloween Dimension, our Nightmare Factory book club prepares for the voyage home. Every October, we wait with bated breath, … Continue reading TONIGHT: Get the bejeezus scared outta you in the BookPeople Café

Found in Translation: ‘Subtly Worded’

This post is part of a series, spotlighting some of our favorite translated works. Join us in our commitment to reading stories from all over the globe – because bookshelves are best when they're diverse. “An anecdote is funny when it’s being told, but when someone lives it, it’s a tragedy. And my life has … Continue reading Found in Translation: ‘Subtly Worded’

The Romance Bookshelves—Austin, Bats, and Vampires. Oh my!

by Cathy Maxwell Yes, we are talking Paranormal Romance. Vampires, other worldly creatures, and humans discover what they have in common, and it’s usually a mix of humor, passion, and awareness which is exactly the way I like my books. Lynsay Sands has another installment of her Argeneau series out this month. IMMORTALLY YOURS is a … Continue reading The Romance Bookshelves—Austin, Bats, and Vampires. Oh my!

What We’re Reading This Week

TOMOKO ​The Line Becomes a River: Dispatches from the Border by Francisco​​ Cantú I'm currently in the middle of a book due out early next year: The Line Becomes A River by Francisco Cantú. It's this very​ ​lyrically rendered memoir about a young man who starts working for the Border Patrol after studying the socio-political atmosphere surrounding … Continue reading What We’re Reading This Week