What We’re Reading This Week

The Complete Patrick Melrose Novels by Edward St. Aubyn Pure black comedy and social satire. St. Aubyn uses a classic British understated and absurdist wit to skewer the pomposity of wealth and its side effects. These books are deeply troubling, sadistic, depraved and howlingly funny. Also, soon to be a Showtime miniseries with the likes … Continue reading What We’re Reading This Week

New & Noteworthy Book Club discusses The Leavers

“The day before Deming Guo saw his mother for the last time, she surprised him at school. A navy blue hat sat low on her forehead, scarf around her neck like a big brown snake. ‘What are you waiting for, Kid? It’s cold out.’” So opens Lisa Ko’s The Leavers, National Book Award Finalist, winner … Continue reading New & Noteworthy Book Club discusses The Leavers

BookKids: Art of The Book (part 1)

In honor of International Museum Day, we sat down with Museum Educators Sabrina Phillips (School and Teacher Programs) and Monique O’Neil (Family and Community Programs) from the Blanton Museum of Art to chat about Art of the Book, a new collaboration between the Blanton and BookPeople, where we invite students to interact with authors and … Continue reading BookKids: Art of The Book (part 1)