Review: ‘Rock Monster, My Life With Joe Walsh’

Kristin Casey stops by the store this Wednesday, March 21 at 7 p.m. to read from her new memoir, Rock Monster: My Life With Joe Walsh. Below, the author's sister (who also happens to be a former BookPeople employee) shares her thoughts on the book. A little background before I talk about this book. You … Continue reading Review: ‘Rock Monster, My Life With Joe Walsh’

The Romance Bookshelves: All Things Celtic

Cathy Maxwell is the Austin-based author of over thirty best-selling historical romance novels. She writes a monthly column for BookPeople. Visit to learn more. What is it about Scotland that stirs the romantic heart? Is it the history, the music, or the men in kilts who toss cabers as if they weigh nothing and the women … Continue reading The Romance Bookshelves: All Things Celtic

BookPeople Doodles: March 2018

Employee doodles regularly pop up around the store, and we don't think that's a bad thing. In her book, The Doodle Revolution, Sunni Brown suggests that "doodling is deep thinking in disguise -- a simple, accessible, and dynamite tool for innovating and solving even the stickiest problems." Behold, a small sampling of impromptu sketches by … Continue reading BookPeople Doodles: March 2018

Reading Guide: ‘Jazz’ by Toni Morrison

Voyage Out meets the last Sunday of every month at BookPeople. On March 25 at 5 p.m. the group will discuss Toni Morrison's Paradise. You (and your friends) are invited to join! Below, Brian offers a reading guide to another Morrison novel, Jazz, which Voyage Out discussed last month. Voyage Out reads books in three-month, … Continue reading Reading Guide: ‘Jazz’ by Toni Morrison

BookKids en español: Recomendaciones para divertirnos en dos idiomas

Eugenia, coordinadora de eventos y marketing para BookKids, comparte sus recomendaciones en español. Durante un viaje reciente a la ciudad de México, visité la Feria Internacional del Libro del Palacio de Minería. Disfruté muchísimo ver a lectores de todas las edades comprando libros, cargando sus bolsas con las sorpresas que promete cada uno de ellos. … Continue reading BookKids en español: Recomendaciones para divertirnos en dos idiomas