Welcome Autumn: Fall Favorites for the Spooky Season

Today on the blog, Bookseller and Autumn-Season-Lover Gina shares her list of must-haves from BookPeople for the incoming season.

Watching the color scheme change from Summer to Autumn as I scrolled through social media at the end of August was startling and welcomed. Maybe I’m biased because my birthday is in the fall, but as soon as the idea was presented to me that I could start thinking fall thoughts, my mind has been consumed by it.

Warm blankets, fall flavors, spooky books, candles. It’s a recipe for relaxation that works better for me than anything else, especially the part where I completely convince myself it’s not over 100 degrees outside. That’s the best part. If I don’t go outside, it can’t be hot out there! Ostriches are onto something.

I’ve got plans to scope out the candles at BookPeople so I wanted to invite you to join me before I claim them all for myself. Let’s hunt for the coziest vibes to comfort our souls as spooky season lurks around the corner.

Cat Lovers Pizza Cutter – So I actually own this already, but the immense joy it brings me to use – wow. I’m not responsible enough for a real pet, but this lil guy always comes through for me. There’s a venn diagram I live by when it comes to buying stuff and the two things that need to overlap are cute and functional. A black cat with a sharp blade to cut my pizza is in the center of that.

Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas – You’ve probably already seen this on your Instagram feed and let me say, booksta is correct. This is definitely the book to read (or in my case reread) going into autumn. The color scheme of the cover sets the mood perfectly. Within the pages you find lush descriptions of traditional pastries and sneaking through cemeteries at night with an annoying ghost at your side. Magical rituals, food, candles, murder mystery, gay, this book screeches cozy, fall vibes.

The Little Guide to Leaves by Tom Frost – This horrible thing happened to me last year, I became a nonfiction reader. Okay, KIDDING. It’s been a wonderful change in my reading preferences but also startling to have the option of the newest fiction release or a book about a Walkable City and feel more drawn to the walking one. But anyway, leaves. I don’t think anything has more fall vibes than leaves. So, before stepping on them to hear that satisfying crunch (we only get it for about a week or two in Texas, so we have to savor it) how about learning more about which one is which? Also, the illustrations are so cute. LITTLE guide to leaves. Remember the venn diagram? Cute and functional.

Leaf Tea Strainer – Speaking of leaves, let’s talk tea leaves. Specifically, a loose leaf tea strainer that is shaped like a leaf. It’s just so on brand, come on. The fall is always a good time to test your tea skills with loose leaf teas. (Don’t have any loose leaf teas to brew at home? CoffeePeople has you covered!) The calming ritual and unique flavors make my heart beat faster just thinking about it. Say it with me folks: cute and functional.

Before the Coffee Gets Cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi – If you’re not already sold from the cover and the title, then I don’t know what to tell you. There’s a cat on the cover, the book is small and cute, and it’s about a coffee shop. You’re a bookish person. You need this story in your life. Did I mention it’s about time travel? You can only stay in the past for as long as your coffee is warm. This is a charming story about making the most of what you have, so if you’re feeling a little sentimental but don’t want a story that will emotionally steamroll you, this is the one.

BookPeople Bandana – Hear me out: there’s a bat on it. Also, bandanas are just cool and super versatile. Tie it around your neck, your head, your dog. Stick it in your pocket. Hang it on your wall. Mine is on my bookshelf reminding me of a place that makes me happy. Cozy vibes!!!

The Tea Dragon Society by K. O’Neill – Let’s wrap this up with tiny dragons and more tea. Imagine a puppy sized dragon. You don’t have to. You can just read this gorgeous graphic novel. Each dragon represents a different kind of tea. Some other booksellers and I will occasionally sit with this book and ponder which dragon we’d choose to care for. It’s hard, they’re all so stinkin’ cute. This story, the characters, the illustrations, and the friendships are the definition of cute and cozy. Perfect to read as you welcome fall.

There’s so much more to cuddle up with, but I won’t keep you too long. Come in and browse for yourself to see what you can find. You know what else gives cozy, fall vibes? Visiting your favorite bookstore! Ask the baristas for a fall flavored beverage (we serve them all year long!), find the perfect scent for a candle or incense to set the mood for your home, let the perfect story find you as you wander among the shelves. I can’t wait to see you inside the store! Inside! Where it’s cold and we pretend it’s not 100 degrees outside. It’s fall now. We’re delusional and thriving. See you soon!

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