Scott M. Reviews ‘The Hunting Wives’

Bookseller and mystery/crime fiction aficionado Scott M. reviews the "perfectly executed and deliciously satisfying" (Chandler Baker) new novel from local author May Cobb. May Cobb's attention-getting debut, Big Woods, showed promise as her being a writer to watch. She has delivered on that promise in her follow up, The Hunting Wives. Here the subject matter … Continue reading Scott M. Reviews ‘The Hunting Wives’

Elijah’s Poetry Selections

We've been celebrating National Poetry Month with daily readings from Elijah over on our Instagram! Today, he's here to share his expertise so you can hopefully find new poetry to provide joy, strength, and comfort at home.  The Complete Poetry and Prose of William Blake One of the most unique and visionary geniuses in all … Continue reading Elijah’s Poetry Selections

Meike Reviews ‘All I Ever Wanted’

Part-time bookseller, Meike, shares with us a review of one of today's hot new releases — Kathy Valentine's All I Ever Wanted, a memoir of growing up, the Texas music scene, and playing bass for 80's pop-rock group, The Go-Go's. In the fall of 1982 I started my first semester of college. It was a heady time … Continue reading Meike Reviews ‘All I Ever Wanted’

Meike Reviews Harlan Coben’s ‘The Boy from the Woods’

Check out Meike's review for Harlan Coben's latest, The Boy From the Woods. A little over 20 years ago, two hikers discovered a young boy foraging in New Jersey’s Ramapo Mountain State Forest. Despite the authorities’ exhaustive search for the boy’s family, no one ever came forward to claim him so he entered the foster system. … Continue reading Meike Reviews Harlan Coben’s ‘The Boy from the Woods’