Podcast with Bryan Washington

Bryan Washington's Lot is set in the city of Houston—a sprawling, diverse microcosm of America—following the son of a black mother and a Latino father, coming of age. He’s working at his family’s restaurant, weathering his brother’s blows, resenting his older sister’s absence. And discovering he likes boys. Washington has written for The New Yorker, The New … Continue reading Podcast with Bryan Washington

Samantha Allen Podcast

Samantha Allen—GLAAD Award-winning journalist and the author of Love & Estrogen (Amazon Original Stories)—was in the store for an exciting talk about her new book Real Queer America. Ten years ago, Allen was a suit-and-tie-wearing Mormon missionary. Now she's a senior Daily Beast reporter happily married to another woman. A lot in her life has changed, but what hasn't … Continue reading Samantha Allen Podcast

BookPeople Podcast: Thomas Mallon

Last month, Thomas Mallon joined us to discuss his new novel, Landfall. If you missed it, check out our podcast recording of it here. You can also find The BookPeople Podcast on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. Mallon is the author of ten novels, including Henry and Clara, Dewey Defeats Truman, Fellow Travelers, and Watergate. Fellow Travelers has been … Continue reading BookPeople Podcast: Thomas Mallon

The Romance Shelves:  March Roars in with Big Names!

By Cathy Maxwell Historical Romance reigns this spring with books by legendary authors. Let’s jump right into it— A new release by the wonderful Lisa Kleypas is always reason to celebrate. DEVIL’S DAUGHTER is a redemption tale and let me raise my hand, I am a sucker for those stories.  It is Book #5 of the … Continue reading The Romance Shelves:  March Roars in with Big Names!