Book Review: ‘Lamb’ by Bonnie Nadzam

Book: Lamb by Bonnie Nadzam Reviewed by:  Nolan You'd be hard pressed to find a review for Bonnie Nadzam's debut novel(la) that doesn't draw comparrisons to Lolita.  And judging from the premise, it's not unusual.  Middle age David Lamb's minorly successful life seems to be falling apart.  Meanwhile he befriends 11-year-old girl, Tommie, and in … Continue reading Book Review: ‘Lamb’ by Bonnie Nadzam

The Murakami Project: Brian Reviews ‘A Wild Sheep Chase’

The Murakami Project: Each week leading up to October 25th, the on-sale date of Haruki Murakami's long-awaited 1Q84 in its English translation, a different BookPerson will review one of Murakami's previous titles. Folks who haven't read Murakami yet can familiarize themselves with what the book world will be buzzing about come October (and maybe discover … Continue reading The Murakami Project: Brian Reviews ‘A Wild Sheep Chase’