BookKids: Welcome to DRAGON OPS!

Calling all gamers and thrill-seekers! We’ve been highly anticipating Dragon Ops, a new exciting middle grade release by Austin-based author Mari Mancusi! We even revealed the awesome cover here, along with some creative cover proposals from young readers at last year’s Summer Reading Splash.

We’re also excited to host the author Mari Mancusi along with Henry Clark for a celebration of their new dragon-themed middle grade adventures! We hope to “see” you there! Get a $5 ticket or one of the books for access to the virtual event on May 19th. Learn more: 


Let’s see what bookseller Will B. has to say about the start of this new adventure…

9781368040907_2d005I remember days laying in bed and wishing REALLY hard that I could just step into my video game. It would be much easier to save villagers or catch a Sandshrew than to have to just sit there and do math homework.

Mari Mancusi’s Dragon Ops features Ian getting to live every gamer’s dream. He is able to be one of the first people to play Dragon Ops, a fully augmented reality version of his favorite MMORPG Fields of Fantasy! And when I say “fully augmented” reality, I mean it. They are taken to an island that is essentially going to be a theme park of an entirely different sort. “Just like real life….but a lot more fun!” is the company’s slogan– but how fun is it when he and his sister, along with his jerk of a cousin, find themselves trapped in the game? With wounds that really hurt and the possibility of a very real death? Fighting against a Rogue AI and learning that the skills one uses in games may not translate one for one exactly as he thought. Does Ian have it in him to step up and be a real hero?

I enjoyed this book! It was very sincere and felt like it treated the young protagonists with respect, which I always enjoy in this type of fiction. I recommend this to fans of Homerooms & Hall Passes and Sword Art Online.

-Will B.

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