BookKids: Great Books You May Have Missed – Round 2!

The last few months have been a whirlwind for us all, and we haven’t been able to see any of you in person to share our favorite new releases! For those middle grade readers, aged 8-12, a lot of great books have released this year that we think you won’t want to miss. Whether you’re looking for a clever whodunit, a spooky adventure, or a heartfelt quest for truth, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite books from the year so far that might just hit the spot! Today we’re continuing the series with round 2: Truth, Family, and Being Me! Don’t miss our first round, which we revealed last week, all focused on mysteries!

–Meghan Goel, Children’s Book Buyer

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9780062875853From the Desk of Zoe Washington by Janae Marks

Recommended for ages 8 & up

Zoe Washington is a whiz with a whisk! She can’t wait to audition for her favorite show, Kids Bake Challenge!—to which her parents have finally agreed IF she rocks her summer bakery internship, which seems like a piece of cake. But her summer takes an unexpected turn when her father, who’s been in jail since she was a baby, contacts her for the first time and Zoe learns he might be innocent. Shocked by that possibility, her quest leads her into the past to uncover the truth in this layered and genuinely sweet story about family, justice, and the magic of a really great cupcake.”

jkt_9781338580839.pdfThe Girl Who Speaks Bear by Sophie Anderson

Recommended for ages 8 & up

Once upon a time, a bear who used to be a girl heads into the forest guided only by stories she’s heard and half believed—stories that help her seek her true family, face a fiery dragon, and find strength in unexpected places (even a house weasel’s mesmerizing war dance). Alternately whimsical, poignant, and fierce, this quirky quest grounded in Slavic folktales offers a memorable ode to the power of story to help us figure out who we are. After all, a great adventure always ends with finding your way back home, wherever that turns out to be.”

9781984892973Clean Getaway by Nic Stone

Recommended for ages 8 & up

Guided by his Grandmother’s old copy of The Green Book, a road trip through the South (and his own interracial family’s history) opens William “Scoob” Lamar’s eyes to a complicated past—as well as a complicated present. Part heartwarming family road trip, part nuanced exploration of race relations, bestselling author Nic Stone’s captivating middle grade debut resonates with pitch perfect humor and heart.”

JKT_9781338255812.pdfShow Me a Sign by Ann Clare LeZotte

Recommended for ages 8 & up

“Pulled from her 19th century Martha’s Vineyard town by a Boston scientist who wants to study Deaf culture and communication, Mary Lambert suddenly finds herself navigating a city that sees her as a specimen, rather than a member of their community. Written by Claire Ann LeZotte, who is Deaf, Show Me a Sign offers a nuanced look at identity, language, and the power of community.”

9781338129335King and the Dragonflies by Kacen Callender

Recommended for ages 9 & up

Flirting with the possibility of magic in the world, even as it digs deep into the dark complexities of human relationships, King and the Dragonflies is one of my favorite books of the year. Following a young boy navigating a devastating loss, questions about his identity, and real concern for a former friend, this remarkable novel offers a moving portrait of someone figuring out who they are, finding the courage to say what they really mean, and knowing exactly when to trust their gut.”

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