Celebrating Black Art (Part 1)

Our first blog post celebrating Black art brings you a plethora of bookseller blurbs for a select number of recent fiction and nonfiction titles we couldn't get enough of. Each title delivers exciting, urgent narratives by the Black voices that are defining our literary landscape—bridging experiences across racial, sexual, geographic lines. Read what our booksellers … Continue reading Celebrating Black Art (Part 1)

Staying Cool with June’s New Releases

June arrived without warning and the summer temperatures are starting to settle in in Austin. As always, we plan on staying cool with hot new titles. This week's basket of goodies present us with urgent nonfiction titles, new titles by bookseller favorites, and a debut the whole BookPeople team couldn't get enough of. Read on for … Continue reading Staying Cool with June’s New Releases

Baking with Gina and ‘The Feast of Fiction Kitchen’ Cookbook

Tomorrow night (Thursday, May 28th at 7PM CDT) we're hosting Jimmy Wong and Ashley Adams, co-hosts of YouTube's Feast of Fiction channel, virtually on Zoom to discuss their latest project, The Feast of Fiction Kitchen cookbook — a compendium of their channel's best and favorite concoctions. And in anticipation of it, one our booksellers and super … Continue reading Baking with Gina and ‘The Feast of Fiction Kitchen’ Cookbook

REPLAY: Jordan Kisner & Anna Wiener on LitHub’s VIRTUAL BOOK CHANNEL

Now up on LitHub's Virtual Book Channel: a replay of BookPeople's May 12th virtual event with Jordan Kisner (Thin Places) and Anna Wiener (Uncanny Valley)! The bookseller favorites and authors of two of the year's most buzzed about debuts read from and discussed their respective titles, as well as Evangelical Christianity, the search for meaning, and … Continue reading REPLAY: Jordan Kisner & Anna Wiener on LitHub’s VIRTUAL BOOK CHANNEL

Elijah’s Ten Favorite Horror Stories

Horror will always be present in the world—therefore, an art of horror will always be necessary... Bookseller Elijah presents his ten favorite horror stories, available at bookpeople.com. Enjoy! In his Poetics, Aristotle famously says that a good tragedy should inspire “pity and fear.” Yet why should fear be a desirable effect of art? Aristotle explains … Continue reading Elijah’s Ten Favorite Horror Stories

Buzz…Buzz…That’s the Sound of BUZZY-worthy NEW RELEASES!

Just like that, May dropped some of the hottest releases in our lap! Not only are we getting a prequel-sequel to our favorite dystopian thriller, but we also get the new Stephanie Danler memoir AND the much-talked about Curtis Sittenfeld novel following the life of Hillary Clinton...had she not married Bill Clinton. It's just the … Continue reading Buzz…Buzz…That’s the Sound of BUZZY-worthy NEW RELEASES!

Longing for Summer Releases…

A look at upcoming titles our booksellers are excited about, and a reminder that you can always pre-order from your local indie at bookpeople.com!  Rodham by Curtis Sittenfeld, releases May 19th! Preorder here "I'M OBSESSED. Sittenfeld has created a nuanced character portrait and an explosive page-turner speculating what would have happened if Hillary and Bill … Continue reading Longing for Summer Releases…