Our 2022 Year in Review at BookPeople

Throughout 2022, we kept hearing from customers the same heartwarming sentiment: “I’m so glad we’re able to gather together again!” As we’ve lengthened operating hours, expanded cafe seating, and turned our events programming back in-person, we’ve loved seeing local authors and readers show up to browse, read, eat, and shop. Let’s take a look back at what we’ve been up to this year: Banned Camp in the summer, events nearly every day, community partnerships, and, of course, the incredible books we read.

Banned Camp 

What started as a partnership with Austin Public Library to host a series of free events for our community quickly garnered more attention than we could have ever anticipated, with coverage from NBC, CNN, KVUE, the Austin Statesman, and more.

Through programming with authors, book clubs, and local schools, we hosted XX events to encourage our community to read widely, to read books that challenge us, and to embrace the questions and conversations that come out of them. During our [date] event with George M. Johnson, they said, “The teens today keep me inspired, and I inspire them. We fight for each other. They have so many people they can watch now rise against and fight oppression. They get to grow up with queer heroes. That’s the difference today.”

Because of your support, we were able to collect $3,047.08 on our Day of Sales and $3,906.04 from online donations to purchase books for APL to distribute. That’s 855 books in the hands of kids who need them! Thank you to everyone who participated in and contributed to our program.

Community Donations

This year, we donated books to 140 organizations and shared a portion of our sales on dedicated days to key organizations in our community. 

Revenue Shares

Through bookfairs and partner events, we donate a portion of sales to the nonprofits and schools that we work with.  

  • Austin Allies
  • Austin Theater Alliance
  • Davis Elementary PTA
  • Gold Ribbon Rescue
  • Highland Park Elementary
  • Hill Country Middle School
  • Hot Fire, LLC
  • Inside Books Project
  • International Dyslexia Association Austin
  • Kealing Middle School PTA
  • Maplewood Elementary
  • PaleoFX Founders LLC
  • Paramount Theater
  • Conference for Women
  • St. Stephen’s Episcopal School
  • SXSW
  • Texas Book Festival
  • Texas Performing Arts
  • The Long Center for the Performing Arts
  • Whole Life Learning Foundation
  • Writer’s League of Texas
  • Young Peoples Workshops

Day of Sales

We donated a portion of our sales on these dates to a featured organization. 

Our annual Giving Tree program ran through the month of December, raising over $12,000 and 1000 books in donations for Carrying Hope, an organization that provides Hope Packs filled with comfort items and essentials to children entering the foster care system in Central Texas.


In 2022, we hosted 225 events!

It was a long time coming, but in late May, we were finally able to bring kids storytimes back in store – and y’all were ready for it! We love to see our kids amphitheater packed with young readers. Huge shout out to our community partner Pease Park for hosting storytimes with us!

Let’s take a moment to talk about our 52nd birthday, because we were floored by how many of y’all showed up to celebrate with us! From the silent auction supporting local artists; to group trivia on everything from BookPeople lore to famous author quotes; to the Polaroid photo booth in front of our famous third-floor wall; to free books, prizes, and treats galore – we were not expecting such an incredible turnout from our community of readers and book lovers.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

In 2020, we made a commitment to diversify our events calendar to provide a platform for more authors and voices from marginalized communities. We believe that one of our roles as a community bookstore is to provide access to books and educational resources that will inspire and enact change. We’d like to share the statistics we’ve collected from our events this year to hold ourselves accountable.

In 2022, we hosted a variety of authors through in-store, offsite, and virtual events: 

  • 32.4% BIPOC 
  • 9.8% LGBTQ 

Of our BIPOC authors, 4.17% also identify as LGBTQ. We are committed to improving these numbers in 2023. Thank you for supporting our authors! 

Another year, another 1,302,681 books added to our TBRs. How many of y’all met your reading goals this year? (Have any of us actually…caught up on our TBRs? Is that possible?)

Thanks again for joining us for yet another year of book talks, signings, gift giving, fundraisers, community outreach, coffee, misremembered book title hunts, elaborate displays, and of course, all the book recommendations we can possibly give. Here’s to another year of BookPeople kept around because of you, our community bound by books!

Want more? Check out our favorite reads of 2022!

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