Austin Liti Limits: Kevin Wilson

Bestselling author Kevin Wilson (Nothing to See Here, Baby, You're Gonna Be Mine) joins Scott Semegran of Austin Liti Limits for a riveting interview on writing, parenthood, and spontaneous combustion. You can watch the pair's full interview below: And keep following this page for a virtual reading from Wilson coming soon. About the Author: Kevin Wilson is … Continue reading Austin Liti Limits: Kevin Wilson

Austin Liti Limits: Ran Walker

Austin Liti Limits returns this week for an interview with author and professor Ran Walker. Semegram met with Walker virtually to discuss Walker's prolific quarantine experience, the varieties of microfiction, and the pair's shared love of hip-hop. Watch the full interview below! And catch Part 2 for a reading from The World Is Yours: Microfictions performed … Continue reading Austin Liti Limits: Ran Walker

Austin Liti Limits: Michelle Cox

Happy New Year, readers! Our friends at Austin Liti Limits are christening 2021 with a brand video interview with Michelle Cox, the bestselling author of the Henrietta and Inspector Howard novels. Larry Brill is on the scene to discuss Cox's A Child Lost—a book that transports readers through through the tangled halls of Dunning, the infamous … Continue reading Austin Liti Limits: Michelle Cox

Austin Liti Limits: Jacqui Castle

The latest episode of Austin Liti Limits features a conversation with debut novelist Jacqui Castle. Scott Semengran met virtually with Castle to discuss The Seclusion, her first novel for young adults set in a dystopic United States, finding inspiration during a pandemic, and they make a few reading recommendations along the way. Catch Part 2 for … Continue reading Austin Liti Limits: Jacqui Castle

Austin Liti Limits: Meg Gardiner

The Austin Liti Limits crew sat down with acclaimed thriller writer, Meg Gardiner, for the latest installment in their author interview series. The pair discuss Gardiner's early success with China Lake, the origin of her storytelling bug, and examine The Dark Corners of the Night — the third movement in Gardiner's wildly popular UNSUB series. Catch … Continue reading Austin Liti Limits: Meg Gardiner

Austin Liti Limits: Kate Winkler Dawson

The Austin Liti Limits crew sits down with local author and seasoned documentary producer, Kate Winkler Dawson. The pair discuss Dawson's road from Journalism school to writing books and tackle her latest endeavor, American Sherlock — the first book-length examination of the life and work of Edward Oscar Heinrich, a pioneer of forensic science. Watch … Continue reading Austin Liti Limits: Kate Winkler Dawson

Austin Liti Limits: Owen Egerton

Welcome! It's the inaugural post with our friends from Austin Liti Limits! This episode features author, comedian, screenwriter and director Owen Egerton. He's authored numerous novels, including Hollow, The Book of Harold and Everyone Says That at the End of the World, and one story collection, How Best to Avoid Dying. In Part 1 of this episode, Larry Brill sits … Continue reading Austin Liti Limits: Owen Egerton