TeenThursday Graphic Novel Reviews: Passport and Ain’t Burned All the Bright

Reviews by: Griffin (like the monster)

Howdy, y’all! Read two really fine teen level graphic novels this time ‘round.

I saw the cover of Passport with its house blocks as packing boxes and understood that Sophia Glock gets the power of graphic novels! Her subtle caricature is perfect against economically lush backgrounds, but narrative is what pulls like a fish on a line: what the heck is going on with Sophia and her family? Her parents and older sister seem to know who Sophia is, but who are they? Beyond what must be an incredibly frustrating life; migrating from home to home, living in siblings’ shadows, having to be perfect, surrounded by strangers, Sophia’s own family seems to be keeping a secret she doesn’t share. Why is mama “so tired of being brave.” Take it from a long time comic geek–this one goes on your shelf! 

And this one, ya just gotta see! Buddies Jason Reynolds and Jason Griffin have created an amazing experience in print and collage. If ya get one, take off the jacket and have a look. What can I say about Ain’t Burned All the Bright by Jasons Reynolds and Griffin? Just this:

Artwork by Griffin

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