Countdown for Casey

Casey McQuiston, author of Red, White & Royal Blue, is coming to BookPeople!

Every now and then, a book sweeps through the store that gets our staff positively buzzing with excitement. Proclamations of love and adoration fill the air, followed by the insistence that x coworker must be the next to enjoy this incredible story. Exit West, The Strange Fascinations of Noah Hypnotik, There There, The Wedding Date, Black Leopard Red Wolf, and now: Red, White, & Royal Blue!
A paperback original release, Red, White, & Royal Blue is, as our bookseller Collyn puts it, “rom-com gold”–the instantly charming story of Alex Claremont-Diaz, First Son of the United States, and his rivalry-turned-relationship with Prince Henry of England. While Alex’s former Austinite status may have us biased, McQuiston’s take on the “enemies-turned-lovers” hook is detailed and evocative, bringing to mind classics like Austen’s Pride and Prejudice or L.M. Montgomerey’s Anne of Green Gables with a contemporary twist and characters so real you know them like friends. We’re so thrilled that we get to spend some time with Casey on May 23rd at 7PM, and hear her conversation with romance author Cora Carmack.

As we may have mentioned though, our booksellers are head over heels for the frictiony swoon that is Red, White, & Royal Blue–some may have even gotten McQuiston’s “Claremont 2020” shirts to wear their support–so we’ll let them tell you why this should be your next read.
Christina: ” This is the most fun I’ve had reading in a long time. I couldn’t put this book down and I was smiling the whole time. This isn’t your typical cheesy rom-com–the characters have depth and are genuinely funny and lovable. This one has definitely earned a permanent place on my shelves. ”

Rachel R.: “Red White & Royal Blue is an wonderful breath of fresh air; so rarely do I read a novel that is this much fun from the first page to the last. I loved Alex’s voice as the main character–he’s always thinking ten steps ahead even before he knows what he’s actually feeling. Prince Henry was completely–it’s the only word for it, really–charming, but he never stretches into caricature. Being able to follow the two of them circling each other felt like a privilege, a genuine glimpse into private lives usually kept private. What really brought this book–and these characters–to life is the considered way McQuiston incorporates queer histories of both the White House and the English monarchy into Alex and Henry’s letters and conversations, As much as it may seem that these two are breaking with tradition, they aren’t without forebears: James I, Eleanor Roosevelt, and even a namesake, Alexander Hamilton, to name only a few. They might be making history, but they belong to it too. And as a Texas Democrat, let me just end with: CLAREMONT 2020!”

Eugenia: “Funny, smart, and sexy as hell, Red, White & Royal Blue brings so many of my favorite things together: effortless chemistry, witty banter, sharp pop culture references, and a love for Texas that made my heart ache. Part rom-com, part alternate reality (oh, how I wish), and 100% joy, this is a book I’ll be getting for all of my friends’ birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, until the end of time. #Claremont2020, y’all.”

RC: “Within the first few pages I was captivated. McQuiston has a natural talent in creating an emotional rollercoaster for the readers that makes this an irresistible read. Without giving anything away, if you are on the hunt for some LGBT+ literature that does not end in your typical gay tragedy then I highly implore you invest in this book. It will not disappoint and you will finish this novel with your heart filled in love.”

Raven: “Casey McQuiston enfolds her readers in a loving embrace with this wonderfully inclusive political rom-com. I am not exaggerating when I tell people how INSTANTLY absorbed I was upon beginning this novel. The characters are raw and unapologetic in their journey towards self discovery. There are many times when I couldn’t help but cackle with laughter and it felt so REFRESHING. Through Alex, Prince Henry, and the amazing supportive characters surrounding them I was reminded of what makes this country so great; which is that we hold the power to change and influence the history of our nation. Thank you Casey McQuiston!!”

Thomas: “Red, White & Royal Blue was a breath of fresh air when I picked it up. I hadn’t been in much of a mood to read and from the first few chapters I was hooked so thoroughly I tore through the whole thing in a weekend. I laughed, I cried, I cheered, and I gasped–and that was all within the first hundred pages–and the rest of it was even better than that.”

Collyn: “Red, White & Royal Blue is rom-com gold! I ripped through this book in two days and proceeded to scream about it to ANYONE who would listen to me. Imagine ‘The Prince & Me’ meets ‘My Date with the President’s Daughter’ but you know, like make it super gay (I mean who in their right mind would choose a straight rom-com over a gay one????). McQuiston’s ability to write funny, sweet characters as well as some super-steamy sex scenes makes this book an absolute joy to read! The minute I finished it (at 4am because I could NOT put it down) I wanted to start it all over again. If you liked Crazy Rich Asians you’ll love this. Can’t wait to see what McQuiston does next!”

We hope you like Red, White & Royal Blue as much as we do!

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