Samantha Allen Podcast

3-19_SamanthaAllenSamantha Allen—GLAAD Award-winning journalist and the author of Love & Estrogen (Amazon Original Stories)—was in the store for an exciting talk about her new book Real Queer America.

Ten years ago, Allen was a suit-and-tie-wearing Mormon missionary. Now she’s a senior Daily Beast reporter happily married to another woman. A lot in her life has changed, but what hasn’t changed is her deep love of Red State America, and of queer people who stay in so-called “flyover country” rather than moving to the liberal coasts.

In Real Queer America, Allen takes us on a cross-country road-trip stretching all the way from Provo, Utah to the Rio Grande Valley to the Bible Belt to the Deep South. Her motto for the trip: “Something gay every day.”

Listen to the event on itunes, soundcloud, and most other places for podcasts. And don’t forget to come grab a signed copy off our shelves before they’re gone!

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