Give Back to Caritas

Hello all! BookPeople has officially kicked off its season of giving! If you’ve stopped by the store in the past month you’ve probably seen our brand new 2018 catalogue! The catalogue is full of our favorite books, gift items, and this year, charities! To further celebrate those charities we will be posting spotlights throughout the month! Each weekday for the next few weeks, we’ll be hosting “give-back” days in the store for a different organization. Mention that day’s organization’s give-back promotion, and 20% of your purchase will be donated to them. Check out our calendar or visit this page to find out more.

Caritas4Our spotlight for December 10th is Caritas of Austin! Caritas is a non-profit aimed at ending homelessness in Austin by ensuring that everyone has a roof over their head, and good food in their bellies. Caritas works  toward this mission by providing the people of the greater Austin area with food, housing, life skills classes, job placement, refugee assistance, and veterans assistance.

Caritas was founded in 1964 by Monsignor Richard McCabe, who believed that every person deserved to have their basic needs met. The name, pronounced care-it-ahs means love and charity in latin.Caritas5

Caritas also works to “redefine” homelessness and help uplift the community. Caritas hold a deep set of values that include respect, equity, commitment, excellence, and innovation.

91lKQ1w00DL.jpgFirst floor inventory manager, Molly, chose Caritas to go with her favorite book of the year There There by Tommy Orange. Of the There There Molly says, “This book is powered by Orange’s urgency and focus on turning an unblinking eye toward the injustices waged upon Native people by White culture from the beginning of colonial America to the present day. . . . he’s crafted a remarkable novel that won’t be easily forgotten”

Stop by Bookpeople on December 10th to check out There There and to do some holiday shopping! When you get to the register, mention this blog post and 20% of your purchase will be donated to Caritas of Austin! Keep an eye out for more Season of Giving spotlights to come!

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