Art inspired by Nick Harkaway’s ‘Gnomon’

This incredible cartoon comes courtesy of Griffin Mauser, one of our artistically inclined booksellers. He was inspired by Nick Harkaway’s novel Gnomon. Check out his review of the book below. 

Mielikki Neith truly believes in The Witness — the universal surveillance system that has brought idyllic peace to a once crime-ridden society — but when a dissident named Diana Hunter dies in The Witness’ interrogation process, Neith’s search for the truth uncovers that The Witness may not be the just system on which she has predicated her life. As she accesses Hunter’s memories, Mielikki falls down a rabbit-hole of false identities, hiding secrets that reveal not only the weaknesses of The Witness and the truth of Diana Hunter, but significant truths about Mielikki Neith herself. All the bizarre plotting, circuitous narrative, and intelligence of David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest, Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow, or Alan Moore’s Jerusalem without the intimidating difficulty, Gnomon sticks out as a unique and engaging dystopic vision that leaves one a little more confident in human consciousness.

— Art and text by Bookseller Griffin Mauser

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