The Archives: Jasper Fforde on the BookPeople Podcast!

We're turning back the clock again, diving into the archives of the BookPeople podcast to showcase another one of our favorite events we hosted in-store this year. Author Jasper Fforde stopped by BookPeople to read from and sign Early Riser, his first standalone novel since 2009. Listen in as Jasper Fforde discusses his latest that … Continue reading The Archives: Jasper Fforde on the BookPeople Podcast!

Art inspired by Nick Harkaway’s ‘Gnomon’

This incredible cartoon comes courtesy of Griffin Mauser, one of our artistically inclined booksellers. He was inspired by Nick Harkaway's novel Gnomon. Check out his review of the book below.  Mielikki Neith truly believes in The Witness -- the universal surveillance system that has brought idyllic peace to a once crime-ridden society -- but when … Continue reading Art inspired by Nick Harkaway’s ‘Gnomon’

What We’re Reading This Week

The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin: The Fifth Season has been out a while (the sequels are out too!), but I just read it for book club -- it's really top notch science fantasy. Built on the premise that some humans have the biological means to manipulate the earth (called orogenes/rogga derogatorily) -- The Fifth Season is a well-built … Continue reading What We’re Reading This Week

Fantastic Planets #52: Man of Steel

This year, four science fiction-loving booksellers will delve into Fantastic Planets, Forbidden Zones, and Lost Continents: The 100 Greatest Science-Fiction Films, the new book by film historian Douglas Brode. They’ll watch the movies, read Brode’s take, and tell you – point blank – how they feel about all of it. The following review has been written … Continue reading Fantastic Planets #52: Man of Steel

Book Vloggin’ with Jan: Women of Science Fiction

"Good science fiction holds a mirror up to humanity and speculates on our evolution. Good science fiction, like good fiction, reveals who we are and who we can become." Each month, Jan, one of our intrepid booksellers, picks a different topic and tells us about her must-read books in that genre. This month she’s vloggin’ … Continue reading Book Vloggin’ with Jan: Women of Science Fiction