Explore: German magazines

We carry periodicals from all over the globe. Below, Cindy explores our German selection. 


Sogar 12 verschiedene Ausgaben davon!

Magazines are perfect for so many things — practicing language skills, keeping up with current events, seeing the world through a new lens and fulfilling New Year’s resolutions. I’m partial to German publications.

Spiegel frequently releases biography specials (this month’s is on Putin) and history specials (currently on the history of Christianity). Zeitwissen, Geowissenschaften and Wunderwelt Wissen this month will help you break bad habits, understand your beloved pets better and divulge to you the secret files of Jesus. Travel to New Zealand with GeoSpecial. Recap 2017 with Der Stern. Want a copy of Cosmopolitan in German? Pick up Neon.

However, out of all 12 German magazines we regularly keep in stock, Welt der Wunder is my favorite. The language is simple and the trivia and topic choices are vast and interesting. Sphinxes in Egypt were always built in twos — is another giant one about to be discovered?! I must read on …

— Cindy 


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