Elijah’s Poetry Selections

We've been celebrating National Poetry Month with daily readings from Elijah over on our Instagram! Today, he's here to share his expertise so you can hopefully find new poetry to provide joy, strength, and comfort at home.  The Complete Poetry and Prose of William Blake One of the most unique and visionary geniuses in all … Continue reading Elijah’s Poetry Selections

Kids Poetry Month: Novels & Nonfiction in Verse!

When most people think of poetry for kids, Shel Silverstein often comes to mind, and rightly so since his poems are a silly and delightful right-of-passage for any child. April, being National Poetry Month, offers the perfect time to take a look at the variety and scope of poetry for children beyond the Silverstein collections. … Continue reading Kids Poetry Month: Novels & Nonfiction in Verse!

weekend reading

Chris Kraus's Torpor, originally published in 2006, was recently republished by semiotext(e). In Null and Void, Becca Rothfeld insists that Torpor  "is not the festival of negativity we deserved but the festival of negativity we needed in those—and these—artificially untroubled times." Though she deems the novel "depressing to a fault," she argues for the importance of negativity and negative emotion … Continue reading weekend reading