Jenn Shapland on the BookPeople Podcast!

Bummed about missing Jenn Shapland's in-store event? We got you covered! Listen in to hear the story behind her critically-acclaimed debut memoir, My Autobiography of Carson McCullers. It' been buzzed about on several publications including¬†The New York Times and it's a bookseller favorite. Inventory Manager Molly calls it, "a soft, intimate, deep heart work of … Continue reading Jenn Shapland on the BookPeople Podcast!

Raven Reviews Brandon Taylor’s ‘Real Life’

Every once in a while a title comes along that sweeps us off our feet, I mean, totally takes booksellers by storm, and in this early part of the year it's Brandon Taylor's Real Life. The first full-length novel from Taylor is a startlingly intimate look at the interior life of a gay Black man … Continue reading Raven Reviews Brandon Taylor’s ‘Real Life’

LOVE ME BACK: Brutal, Piercing, and Poetic

Love Me Back by Merritt Tierce ~post by Katie P. There are few novels more aptly titled than Love Me Back, the unflinching debut novel from Dallas writer Merritt Tierce. It's a critical statement for Tierce's protagonist, Marie, but it just as easily summarizes the fundamental plea of this novel itself. Love Me Back is … Continue reading LOVE ME BACK: Brutal, Piercing, and Poetic