Trust Fall #6 Revealed!

Trust Fall #6 Web Slide - Every Anxious Wave

We’re excited to announce the next pick in our Trust Fall subscription club….. drum roll please….. guitar solo please….. everyone get your lighters in the air for…..

Every Anxious Wave by Mo Daviau!

This big-hearted tale of indie rock and time travel is an adventure in memory, love and what happens when you try to change the past. Trust Fall subscribers have a lot to look forward to in their next box:

  • A signed first edition of Every Anxious Wave
  • A limited edition The Axis concert poster designed exclusively for Trust Fall subscribers.
  • An Every Anxious Wave playlist curated by Daviau.
  • A limited edition The Axis pin.
  • A surprise gift!

Trust Fall packages will ship in mid-February. Want in on this deal? Subscribe right over here.

This is the author, former Austinite and BookPeople bookperson Mo Daviau!

mo daviau

What Our Booksellers Are Saying About EVERY ANXIOUS WAVE

“This is a totally fun, page-turning romp through indie rock and the implications of time travel. Perfect for fans of Chuck Klosterman, High Fidelity, and anyone who has a nostalgic heart for musicians like Elliot Smith. In a world where wormholes appear in closets and time travel is as easy as texting, the endearing characters in Daviau’s story present very real points to ponder: if you could go back and change your whole life, where would start, and would you do it? I enjoyed every minute of this book. Highly recommended for music lovers, romantics and anyone who enjoys a good, engaging read.”

— Julie W.

Every Anxious Wave is equal parts fun thrill ride and emotional character study. When Karl Bender discovers a wormhole in his bar, he uses it to transport himself and others to legendary concerts of the past. But when his best friend ends up stuck in a different century, his life is forever altered when he recruits physicist Lena Geduldig to help him. Daviau understands how much music affects our memory, and how our past in turn affects our ability to connect with people. The novel is a strong, empathetic exploration of love and friendship, with a dose of time travel to really make the reader reflect.”

— Consuelo

What Is Trust Fall?

Four times a year, we send members of the Trust Fall Book Club one debut or break-out book we’ve fallen in love with. We know how easy it is to miss remarkable stories in the overwhelming presence of the thousands of books published every year. Members of the Trust Fall Book Club keep up with the best new books on the market. Each package comes with a different set of surprise goodies in addition to the book.

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