Meet the Bookseller: Merrilee!

Even if you’ve never met her, you’ve probably heard her Southern accent ringing through BookKids! An unforgettable story time reader, an encyclopedic knowledge of picture books, and an expert at getting one more thing onto any display: Merrilee is a legend in BookKids! Learn more about Merrilee in our Q&A below!

How long have you worked at BookPeople?

In June 2022, I will have been here 28 years.

One of Merrilee’s “murder kittens”

What is your favorite thing about working here?

Fondling books all day, and ogling cute babies

What five fictional characters would you invite to a dinner party?

I don’t know if I have 5… Emerson and Peabody from Elizabeth Peters’ mystery series

Um, Peter Wimsey, from Dorothy Sayers, and we’ll say Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot

And clearly, I’ll have to provide a murder.

What book will you continue to reread throughout your life?

I’ve read both Pride & Prejudice and Tuck Everlasting multiple times, so probably one of those.

Who’s the most exciting person you’ve met through BookPeople?

Ray Bradbury

…you had to be there.

What would be your first buy if you won the lottery?

A house for my son

You have a time machine and one week to spend in any historical era. Where/when would you go?

Can I change history? If so, Ford’s Theater in April of 1865.

If not, London in the late 1520s. Henry VIII’s 1st marriage is on the rocks, and he already has his eye on Anne Boleyn. 

What would you like inscribed on your tombstone?

The poem REQUIEM by Robert Louis Stevenson

Merrilee’s favorite story time read

What was your favorite book as a child? 

Favorite to read was whatever I was reading at the time, favorite to have was the complete Sherlock Holmes I got when I was 12.

What’s your favorite book at this very moment?

Current favorite is the same: whatever I’m currently reading. Although I did just finish KILLERS OF A CERTAIN AGE, which I’m really in love with.

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