Meet the Bookseller: Jac!

You may have seen Jac around the shop tidying Gifts displays, giving stellar recommendations for everyone on your list, or maybe you’ve even subscribed to the Gifts newsletter and gotten her favorite non-book goodies delivered straight to your inbox. A true Jac-of-all-trades (sorry, we had to!)! Learn more about Jac in our Q&A below!

BookPeople: How long have you worked at BookPeople?

Jac: About 2.5 years.

BP: What is your favorite thing about working at BookPeople?

J: My fellow BookPeople, of course! Especially Emily, the best barista in town!

BP: What is something that is guaranteed to make you laugh?

J: Earnestly delivered bad puns and groan-worthy jokes.

BP: You have a time machine– where/when would you go?

J: The academic in me would go to Mexico City (Tenochtitlan) in the early 16th century to see the Aztec empire at the height of its glory. The romantic in me would go to 1940s Corpus Christi to meet my grandparents.

BP: What would be your first buy if you won the lottery?

J: A house on a couple of acres so I can have a proper garden and room to stretch my legs.

BP: What are you watching on Netflix right now?

J: Britain’s Best Home Cook Celebrity Edition and Lucifer.

BP: If you could be any animal, what would you be?

J: This is always a tough one. Which would be more fun: flying or being able to breathe underwater?  It’s summer, and hot, so I’ll go with a water creature…. how about the playful, acrobatic, friendly dolphin.

BP: What 5 fictional characters would you invite to a dinner party?

J: I would love to hear the banter of these epic literary figures: Gandalf (LOTR), Logen Ninefingers (The Blade Itself), Agustus McCrae (Lonesome Dove), Mixtli (Aztec), and Pico (The Book of Flying)

BP: What book will you continue to reread throughout your life?

J: I have a stack of books I’d love to reread and characters I’d love to see again…someday. So far, the only two books I’ve had the honor to reread are The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay and The Book of Flying by Keith Miller, and I have no doubt I’ll read them again.

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