Books I’m Excited About: ‘Please Don’t Sit on My Bed in Your Outside Clothes’

Everybody needs a laugh, Uriel included. He’s looking forward to the joy of a new Phoebe Robinson essay collection later this year!

2020 was messy, and if you’re still mad about it: join the club. I’m personally over folks trying to make sense of it (S___ is f’ed!), but if there’s anyone’s commentary I want to hear, it’s Phoebe Robinson’s. She seems to find the silver lining in most things while making you smile so big and spit out your milkshake.

While we were fiddling with our sourdough starters and completing our third re-watch of Tiger King last year, Phoebe was doing things. Robinson founded Tiny Reparations Books through the Penguin Publishing Group, a highly curated imprint dedicated to publishing both literary fiction and nonfiction as well as essay collections that highlight and amplify unique and diverse voices, while beginning work on Doing the Most with Phoebe Robinson, (airing now on Comedy Central!) and churning out her third collection of essays (This is why you’re here. You want to hear about the book stuff!).

Yes, I’m looking forward to updates about how quarantine with her partner, “British Bae-koff,” went and the one (Two? Maybe three?) thirsty Bono-related comments, but am here for insights on the White Savior Industrial Complex in media, comedy’s incessant desire to protect predators, and the endless news cycle. I promise you’re going to have such a fun time with it, strangely enough. #YQY


You can pre-order Please Don’t Sit on My Bed in Your Outside Clothes: Essays by Phoebe Robinson from BookPeople today and chortle a bunch while reading her other books while you wait.

You can follow the #BooksImExcitedAbout tag on this blog to find more posts like this. And be sure to explore BookPeople’s “Books We’re Anticipating” lists for more of the titles booksellers can’t wait to get their hands on.

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