Holiday Bookseller Features: MK!

HolidayCatalog_SocSqThe BookPeople holiday catalog—our annual year-in-review publication—is here and, like most things in 2020, it’s gone virtual for the occasion! And while you can’t hold a physical copy this season, there’s still plenty to enjoy about it!
This year’s theme, This Is My Favorite Book…of the Pandemic highlights the titles our booksellers found comfort in during a year that was anything but. You’ll find them among the gorgeous spreads and loads of other stellar books and gifts we’ve discovered and loved in 2020—enough to complete those shopping lists for the holidays!
To enhance the virtual experience, today we’re kicking off a limited series of features spotlighting the booksellers that made it into the catalog. They’ll be telling you a little bit about their favorite book and themselves. First up is Mail Orders + Shipping expert, MK!


Bookseller Q&A

BookPeople: How long have you been working at BookPeople?

MK: 3 years!

BP: What is your favorite BookPeople memory?

MK: Oh gosh.  Probably meeting Edgar Cantero. But honestly, every day working here is a good memory.

BP: How has your job changed during the pandemic?

MK: Yes! I was a Master Bookseller on the sales floor before the pandemic and now I do the mail orders. 

BP: What has brought you joy and comfort during 2020?

MK: Animal Crossing.  I got it literally the day before everything shut down and it’s been my escape during all of this.

BP: If you could make a safe COVID pod with 2-5 literary characters, who would they be and why?

MK: Astrid from Crazy Rich Asians because she would be able to make me laugh but also give all the comfort and good advice that we would need to stay sane;  Aster from An Unkindness of Ghosts because they’re literally a medical professional; Jo from Little Women because she would write us stories and keep our spirits high; and Darlington from Ninth House because he’s pretty and has magical powers

BP: What would your favorite literary character be doing during a pandemic? 

MK: My all time favorite literary character is probably Sherlock Holmes and he would be off putting himself at a dangerous risk to try to cure the disease himself, (without consulting the proper medical authorities of course) and saying it’s because he’s doing it as a mental exercise, not because it would help the world. But we all know the truth.

BP: What’s your go-to feel good show or movie?

MK: New Girl.  I’ve just rewatched it for the third time.

BP: If you could only eat one thing what would it be? 

MK: Really good spaghetti with bolognese but my fork is just an entire loaf of garlic bread.


Check out the rest of our holiday catalog and explore our favorite adult fiction books of 2020 here. Titles mentioned in this post are also available for purchase in-store and online today.

Stay tuned and join us here later this week to learn more about booksellers featured in this year’s holiday catalog!

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