What We’re Reading 11/11

Happy 50th birthday to BookPeople!! That’s right, today your favorite local bookstore is half a century old. It’s time to break out the streamers and champagne, and, of course, keep on finding some new books to enjoy! Here are the titles that our booksellers are raving about on this very special Wednesday.


Why Fish Don’t Exist by Lulu Miller

This book completely unraveled me and then, mercifully, stitched me back together. 10/10 would be unraveled again.

— Lindsey


A Killing Frost by Seanan McGuire

The new October Daye day is one of my favorite release days on the calendar because I can rarely wait to see what kind of horrid trouble that our stalwart heroine has gotten into now. Somehow each book continues to raise the stakes and Killing Frost is no different. October routinely allows her duty and her job to stand in the way of her home life and this time it may be too much for her. Crazy adventure, ripped out spleens, and inexplicable Wizard of Oz references make this perhaps my favorite of Toby’s adventures to date!

— Thomas


The Troop by Nick Cutter

This story is like Lord of the Flies, but with an insidious twist. A small troop of Boy Scouts go out to an isolated island for a weekend camping trip. One stormy night, a sickly visitor comes ashore, rambling and clearly malnourished. As the troop tries to aid him and leave the island, they learn it’s already too late to save themselves. An isolated nightmare with some wonderfully disgusting body horror.

— Graeme

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