Baking with Gina and ‘The Feast of Fiction Kitchen’ Cookbook

Tomorrow night (Thursday, May 28th at 7PM CDT) we’re hosting Jimmy Wong and Ashley Adams, co-hosts of YouTube’s Feast of Fiction channel, virtually on Zoom to discuss their latest project, The Feast of Fiction Kitchen cookbook — a compendium of their channel’s best and favorite concoctions. And in anticipation of it, one our booksellers and super Feast of Fiction fan, Gina, is here to give you a taste of what’s waiting for you in these pages. Spoiler: it’s something yummy!

Read on for a sugary chronicle of a cake getting baked and a good time being had!

I am, like most of the BookPeople squad, what you might call a huge nerd. I also like

Gina whisk
Gina begins the baking process.

delicious food to both eat and make. Choosing to get my hands on The Feast of Fiction cookbook was like finding the Holy Grail. And I chose wisely.

My roommate is a pretty active, creative person so baking was a perfect way to work together and enjoy each other’s company in a fresh way! She’s not as familiar with pop culture as I am so I really wanted to find something we could make that she would be excited about too. Flipping through the book to pick a recipe, my roommate gasped at the Portal cake. She explained to me that Black Forest style cakes are extremely popular in India and she rarely sees them in America. Portal being the one and only video game I’ve ever been good at, my decision was made!

As my mom always says, “Cooking is great because you can eat your mistakes.”

While neither of us are pro bakers, we had so much fun following along with the recipe and thinking fast when we messed something up. (There are definitely no crumbling or missing edges to the cake, I don’t know what you’re talking about.) As my mom always says, “Cooking is great because you can eat your mistakes.” My roommate sent progress pictures to her mom who was ecstatic to see us making a cake that meant so much to her culture. It brought us all a little bit closer together.

4 Author Photo (2)
The evolution of the Portal cake.

Since I’m something of an overachiever, we mixed up the Legend of Zelda inspired “Heart Potion Sangria” as well. It was so refreshing and a great end to our day! 

I’m always antsy to make things with my hands when I spend too much time online, so

Zelda Sangria
The Zelda heart potion sangria.

cooking and sharing what I’ve made is one of the best feelings in the world. I can’t get a slice of cake to everyone, but please try to internalize the love and care I baked into it through the picture! Or better yet, give it a try yourself. Cooking, baking, drink mixing, whichever you’re ready to try your hand at, this book is an incredibly fun and delicious way to get your hands dirty. Dorks everywhere, rejoice! And eat up!

You can make these treats yourself when you get your hands on The Feast of Fiction Kitchen cookbook!

9781682684405_d1776If you thought this was yummy, we seriously can’t wait for you to dive into The Feast of Fiction Kitchen cookbook. Each purchase of The Feast of Fiction Kitchen from BookPeople automatically registers you to attend our virtual event with Jimmy Wong and Ashely Adams tomorrow night. We can’t wait to see you there!

About The Feast of Fiction Kitchen

Fans of Feast of Fiction have been clamoring for a cookbook since the channel debuted in 2011. Now it’s here! Just as they do on the small screen, hosts Jimmy Wong and Ashley Adams whip up their real-life interpretation of fictional dishes to pay homage in a genuine, geeky, and lively way. Jimmy brings a wealth of gamer and nerd cred to the table, and baker extraordinaire Ashley provides the culinary wisdom. The quirky duo offer an array of creative and simple recipes, featuring dishes inspired by favorites such as Star Trek and Adventure Time, A Hobbit’s Second Breakfast, Mini “Dehydrated” Pizzas (Back to the Future), Sansa’s Lemon Cakes (Game of Thrones), and dishes from the niches of gaming, comics, and animation such as Fire Flakes (Avatar), Poke Puffs (Pokemon), and Heart Potions (The Legend of Zelda).

With 55 unique and awesome dishes, this long-awaited cookbook will help inspire a pop culture dinner party, a fun night at home with family and friends, or an evening on the couch thinking about what you could be cooking!

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