The BookPeople Podcast with Cory Allen

9780525538042_ab0bcLast month we had the pleasure of hosting podcaster, meditation teacher, audio engineer and author Cory Allen for his brand new book, Now Is the Way.

This will be familiar territory for avid listeners of The Astral Hustle podcast and his wildly popular online meditation course, Release Into Nowbut we invite our listeners to plug in and enjoy this presentation on approaching mindfulness in the modern world.

Allen spoke at length about the tenets of mindfulness and how to engage with it in a world abuzz with cellphones, news updates and the constant flow of work. He also read from a few sections and it even put us in a bit of peaceful easy feeling.

You can listen to his talk here on Soundcloud and on most major listening platforms. And if you like what you hear, be sure to grab a signed copy of Now Is the Way in-store and online at BookPeople.

Join us next week and every week for a brand new episode of the BookPeople Podcast where we give you the opportunity to replay and relive an in-store event we loved.

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