Teen Thursday: Our Booksellers are Lovin’…

A few of the newest & hottest teen titles recommended by our booksellers!

9780316421997_9881b“There’s something about a gorgeous cover that just makes a book irresistible! To read The Ten Thousand Doors of January feels a bit like dreaming–perfectly sensible in the moment and complicated in the retelling, it’s best when experienced than retold. Books within other books give peeks into the many (incredible, dangerous, magical, inhospitable) worlds, the constancy and hunger of love and power, and the unstoppable nature of change. Also, I just really need to know more about the world beyond the Ivory Door!– Tomoko 


“Feed the Crows! Crows are the lowest caste in the Kingdom, their presence really only 9781250191922_5492ctolerated because of their immunity to the Sinners Plague. The Crows wander the roads, constantly harried by the other castes as they follow the covenant and answer the plague beacons. Fie is a young chieftain in training, and is there answering a plague beacon in the royal palace, an event that hasn’t happened in recent memory. Instead of plague victims what she gets is pulled into the royal drama, but what she might get out of this is worth all the risk: Protection for the Crows. I loved this book, it was a really fun start to a fantasy series. It has a jagged edge to it similar to the broken swords Crows carry, kept from being able to have real weapons to protect themselves but it is fast moving and interesting. I highly recommend this to those looking for an interesting, slightly darker fantasy read as well as to fans of Leigh Bardugo.” – Will B  **Author Margaret Owen will be at Texas Teen Book Festival, October 12

9781595148544_1eb5a“I love books about the dark and terrifying things that teenage girls are capable of, and I Know You Remember is a spectacular addition to this genre. So invested in Ruthie and Zahra’s friendship and hoping for the best while fearing the worst, I adored the complicated relationships between Ruthie and Zahra’s new friends that developed over the course of the story. The twists and turns took me by surprise in the best of ways, and I want everyone to read this so I can talk about it!!” – Rachel R **Author Jennifer Donaldson will be at Texas Teen Book Festival, October 12


“Who better suited to write a graphic novel on a beautiful, brooding half-demon girl and her quite literal beast of a father than “Beautiful Creatures” author Kami Garcia? For 9781401286231_6a7beboth long-time fans and readers new to comics, Garcia and artist Gabriel Picolo’s Teen Titans: Raven skillfully renders the empath as a soft- but dark-hearted young woman trying to navigate high school while also having to deal with “daddy issues”—of the demon variety, of course. With charming characters and a haunting plot, this book is a must-read for all who appreciate that darkness is the beauty of light’s beholder.– Olivia



What do YOU have on your TBR?




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