BookKids: Take the summer reading challenge!

Dive into summer reading with the 5 Book Dive challenge!

On Saturday, May 18th we kicked off summer reading with some of our favorite middle grade authors at the 5 Book Dive festival! We laughed, we danced, we improv’d… we met Elephant & Piggie, wore ridiculous pool floaties, you name it. You got to watch award-winning illustrators battle in a draw-off AND get a signed copy of their book? Yup! You got to design your own book cover AND watch authors enact dramatic death scenes? That’s riiiight. It was a wonderful day to meet new book friends and pick out books to read over the summer and complete the 5 Book Dive challenge!


Are YOU up for a challenge?


The Challenge

  1. Come to BookPeople to pick up a summer reading bookmark for your age level.
  2. Read 5 books this summer & track them on your bookmark– DON’T LOSE THIS BOOKMARK.
  3. Bring a completed bookmark to our registers & claim your $5 gift certificate!
  4. Congratulate yourself on being an awesome reader!!! *pats self on back*

The Books

Not sure what to read? We got you covered! Come by the store for personalized recommendations, check out what we’re lovin’ lately, or pick up a signed copy of books by our festival authors, listed below:

9780735231795The newest in the Unicorn Rescue Society series, The Chupacabras of the Rio Grande is co-authored by Adam Gidwitz and David Bowles, who were the keynote speakers at the festival! Elliot and Uchenna have just returned from their latest mission when Professor Fauna has a new assignment for them. This one takes place in Laredo, Texas– and the creature in question? None other than the mysterious chupacabras!


9781534424708Spy School: British Invasion is the latest installment in Stu Gibbs’ bestselling Spy School series, full of laughs, twists, turns, and fantasy! An incredibly fun read for longtime fans of the series– and for newcomers, too.




9780062838377Our booksellers are huge fans of Margaret Peterson Haddix’s work, so we were EXTRA excited to hear about the new Greystone Secrets series! The Strangers focuses on the three Greystone children, who live a happy life in Ohio, but things change when three kids in Arizona are kidnapped — kids who have the same first and middle names and birthdates as Finn, Emma, and Chess Greystone. A suspenseful read that will have you begging for the next book!


9781368022828What happens when a boy is able to alter time and space, rip holes in our universe and conjure things from other dimensions? Like a raw chicken, for one? We get a delightful new story packed with magic, adventure, and descriptions of Cuban cuisine that are sure to make your mouth water! Perfect for fans of Rick Riordan, Sal & Gabi Break the Universe introduces us to two exceptional heroes that you will cheer for in every possible universe.


9780545946179Perfect for readers who love puzzles and riddles, The Parker Inheritance follows Candice, who finds a letter in her late grandmother’s attic and learns there is a fortune buried somewhere in town. Along with her new friend Brandon, Candice deciphers the clues in the letter, uncovering the (sometimes ugly) history of the town, some hidden figures, and family secrets. Fans of The Westing Game will LOVE this book!


9781368010849The Camelot Code: Once and Future Geek comes highly recommended by our booksellers, who are huge Arthurian geeks! This is the first book in a new MG series, a fantastic genre-bending twist on The Sword in the Stone, perfect for adventurous readers with a great sense of humor. Mancusi brings fun twists to the King Arthur legend by dropping the young mythic king into the 21st century and introducing him to Google! What’s the Once and Future King to do once he actually knows his future?!


9781368027168We are HUGE fans of Elephant & Piggie here at BookKids, and we celebrate every time a new book releases! We were so happy to get Dan Santat to read his new book, Harold & Hog Pretend for Real, at the festival. Elephant & Piggie were even there to introduce him! This funny, clever book is a great pick for younger readers this summer– or for anyone who enjoys a giggle!


Elephant & Piggie getting ready for a book launch party!


9781492634218The follow-up to Christina Soontornvat’s Changelings, In a Dark Land follows Izzy after she finds out she’s a Changeling during a trip to Faerie. She’s glad to be back on Earth with her human family but can’t stop thinking about the incredible friends she left behind in that magical land! Would YOU go back and face the unknown?… A great read full of magic and adventure!



9780062398833_5df92It’s finally here: the third installment in the hilarious Frazzled series! We love these books, which focus on the highly neurotic Abbie Wu. In Minor Incidents and Absolute Uncertainties, Abbie Wu has to go on a school trip and make new friends, which is truly nerve-wracking. Everything is new, everything is different! A great, funny graphic novel series for fans of Raina Telgemeier.



9780545803175Newsprints tells the story of Blue, a girl who disguises herself as a newsboy and works for The Bugle, the only paper in town that tells the truth. Along with her mysterious new friend Crow, they seek the freedom to be their true selves! EndGames is the second book in Ru Xu’s Newsprints series, and Blue is in a new adventure, trying to find her friend Crow in the capital city of Altalus…



Interested in more? Check out the 5 Book Dive lists here or come by the store– our goofy booksellers love geeking out over their favorite books!

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