Give Back to Out Youth

Hello all! BookPeople has officially kicked off its season of giving! If you’ve stopped by the store in the past month you’ve probably seen our brand new 2018 catalogue! The catalogue is full of our favorite books, gift items, and this year, charities! To further celebrate those charities we will be posting spotlights throughout the month! Each weekday for the next few weeks, we’ll be hosting “give-back” days in the store for a different organization. Mention that day’s organization’s give-back promotion, and 20% of your purchase will be donated to them. Check out our calendar or visit this page to find out more.

OutYouth4Our spotlight for December 14th is Out Youth! Out Youth is a non-profit that has been serving the greater Austin area for nearly 30 years. Out Youth strives to provide LQBTQ+ youths and their allies with a safe space to growth, thrive, and become happy, healthy adults. Out Youth adheres to a strong set of values that include sanctuary, empowerment, justice, diversity, community, and integrity.

Out Youth was founded back in 1990 by two graduate students from The University of Texas after research revealed that gay and lesbian youth were more likely to commit suicide than other adolescents. Out Youth envisions a world in which LGBTQ+ youths can receive the support and empowerment needed to confirm their identities and lead happy, full lives.

Walden chose Out Youth to go with her favorite gift item of the year: OutYouth6board games! BookPeople carries a variety of fun board games, far different from your average Monopoly!

Stop by BookPeople on December 14th to check out all of our fun board games and to do some holiday shopping! When you get to the register, mention this blog post and 20% of your purchase will be donated to Out Youth! Keep an eye out for more Season of Giving spotlights to come!

For more information visit:

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