What We’re Reading This Week

if we were villains

If We Were Villains by M.L. Rio

Wow, this book was a wild ride! I was instantly drawn in by lovingly-created complex characters, and an intensely involving plot. It’s hard to believe this is Rio’s debut novel! It was a hard book to put down and kept me up til the wee hours of the morning, reading. Now, I just wish I was better acquainted with Shakespeare…




boyfriend bracket

The Boyfriend Bracket by Kate Evangelista

A YA fiction new release that’s a perfect summer read. Stella can’t wait for her over-protective brother to go off to college & finally allow her to have a social life. Post make-over Stella embarks on a boyfriend bracket to narrow down her prospects & hopefully forget her glacial sized crush on her brother’s best friend—What could go wrong?




grave peril

Grave Peril by Jim Butcher

After Jim Butcher came to Bookpeople, the enthusiasm among his fans convinced me to give him a try. Lovin’ ’em! Sailed through the first two Dresden Files (Storm Front & Fools Moon) and started the third last night: Grave Peril. It’s a hit right out of the gates. You’re in the action fast, it’s funny, and has lots of whacked out wickedness gone very wrong. Fantasy, horror, mystery, and laughs!


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