Book Club Spotlight: The Nightmare Factory

The Nightmare Factory Book Club meets the third Tuesday of every month to discuss the best in literary horror fiction. Join us February 20, if you dare! 


Legend has it that there is an enchanted table in the remotest corner of the BookPeople café that, when approached with the proper reverence, bestows tremendous restorative properties upon those lucky pilgrims who warm its seats. For years, The Nightmare Factory Book Club has been making the journey every month to sit at that table and sit at it hard. A single look at our ragtag team of nefarious readers is all you need to confirm that this is one book club that has truly found the Fountain of Youth. Take the excursion with us this month (February 20 at 7 PM) and chat with us about The Loney by Andrew Michael Hurley while we soak up all the power that those magic chairs can give to our butts.

The Loney is an uneasy, atmospheric drama that, though steeped in adolescent nostalgia, nevertheless can thicken with a clap of thunder into a miasma of dread. Its world is a literary wetland vibrant with life but unsentimental in who or what it traps in the sucking mud to decompose crudely among the wriggling eels. With The Loney, Andrew Michael Hurley has painted a liminal seascape, where themes of communal devotion and lighthearted, fraternal conspiracy can be washed away with the unpredictable tide to leave isolation, supernatural menace, and religious mania as the only driftwood to cling to. Some fissures in the world have a quantifiable magic all their own, and The Loney catalyzes its peculiar, ancient jinx with a sacrifice only it can provide.

Bask in the dark majesty of pagan superstition with The Nightmare Factory Book Club this month and unlock the infernal, pitch black lightning that exists in the simple act of reading a good book. See you Tuesday, February 20 at 7 PM in the café at BookPeople.

— Steve(n) W. 

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