Literary Links: Malt shop novels, David Bowie’s book club & more

A roundup of the internet’s best literary news to make your Monday more tolerable.

book stock

The New Yorker is calling William Melvin Kelley “The Lost Giant of American Literature.” Why haven’t you heard of him? Click here to find out.

Have you ever read (or come across whilst thrift shopping) a “malt shop” novel? “Written from the 1940s to the mid-1960s, they tracked a teenage protagonist as she navigated the obstacle course of first love.” Click here to learn more about the genre.

Dave Eggers says John Freeman is “one of the preeminent book people of our time.” Click here to read a profile of the beloved editor in the Los Angeles Times.

Smithsonian reports that “a new directive from the New York State Department of Correctional and Community Services is drastically reducing the number of books available to prison inmates.” Click here for the full story.

David Bowie was a voracious reader. His son recently “launched an online book club dedicated to his late father’s favorite literary works.” Click here for more.


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