TONIGHT: Better wear a bib to the BookPeople Café

The Nightmare Factory book club meets the third Tuesday of every month to discuss the best in literary horror fiction. Join us, if you dare! 

falling angel

Everyone knows Thanksgiving is the most evil holiday, and the kitchens in the Nightmare Factory have had a busy month churning out dish after dish of greasy, grimy gopher guts to guzzle tonight.  This evening at 7 PM, sit down at our altar (in the BookPeople café) to enjoy a heart-y sacrament of palaver over Falling Angel by William Hjortsberg. Come as you are, freaks and weirdos, because, in the Nightmare Factory family, we’re all black sheep, and this year, what we’re most thankful for is Ritual Sacrifice.

On the gritty streets of a New York City where the ticker tape welcome of returning soldiers has washed into so much wastepaper slush in the icy gutters, private detective Harry Angel faces an impossible case – find a guy before the devil can.  The reward for success is a dizzying bonanza, but the consequence of failure may be ultimate damnation.
In Falling Angel, William Hjortsberg boils the essence of New York noir down to a voodoo roux seasoned in the abyss of Hell.  This Black Magic barn burner scorches the pages with Satanic fury, rendering this relentless, little grimoire a truly unwholesome picnic. Be sure to bring a backup bib to tonight’s meeting because, with Falling Angel, things are guaranteed to get messy.
– Steve(n) Warren

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