‘The Silmarillion’: A review in verse

The Silmarillion, as reviewed by BookPeople’s resident bard, Griffin Mauser.




For years I used it to brace up my bed
And sorry me I realized I’d not read
I’m older now, of pages not too shy
So reading then I knew I had to try

Creation tale; the world came from a song
With evil there and woven through the tale
Explaining why the elven folk go west
And how the ring was lost when Sauron fell

Of Mithrandir and young Elrond it speaks
The origin of much beloved man
Of this but mostly of the Silmarils
And how the trouble with Sauron began

And though my bed will squeak and rock again
I’m glad I read The Silmarilion


Tolkien fans only
Creation of middle earth
And “historic” tales

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