TONIGHT: Get the bejeezus scared outta you in the BookPeople Café

The Nightmare Factory book club meets the third Tuesday of every month to discuss the best in literary horror fiction. Join us, if you dare! 

best horror of the year

As the world rolls haphazardly through space, ever closer to the Halloween Dimension, our Nightmare Factory book club prepares for the voyage home. Every October, we wait with bated breath, hoping against hope that the earth will lurch over that vile precipice, plunging itself and its inhabitants irrevocably into the Galaxy of Terror. This year, however, we are not leaving it to chance.

Join the Nightmare Factory book club this evening at 8:00 p.m. as we stand vigil at the edge of the planet, ready if need be to muster our collective strength and push it into the abyss.

Award-winning anthologist Ellen Datlow puts together an unholy doorstop of evil every year to pay good riddance to another twelve months gone. The Nightmare Factory will meet tonight in the café at BookPeople to discuss the grim, ghoulish, and cosmically unsettling stories of The Best Horror of the Year, Volume Nine. Join us at 8:00 p.m. to drool over macabre offerings from book club favorites Gemma Files, Peter Straub, and Adam Nevill and help us get our hooks into fresh meat from Siobhan Carroll, Nadia Bulkin, Brian Evenson and more.

The Halloween month is one of the best times for newcomers to knock on our door, so come out to BookPeople tonight for a trick with the Nightmare Factory. It’s guaranteed to be a treat.

– Steve(n) Warren

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