New Books 6/27



Meg Gardiner

Meg Gardiner’s latest is a riveting psychological inspired by the never-caught Zodiac killer, all about a young detective determined to apprehend the serial murderer who destroyed her family and terrorized a city twenty years earlier: an UNSUB (unknown subject) nicknamed The Prophet. The Prophet left a trail of twisted mind games and cryptic messages that nearly drove Det. Caitlin Hendrix’s father insane when he was lead on the case, and now two decades later, new bodies have turned up with The Prophet’s signature. We’ve still got a few signed copies from our thrilling event last night with Meg Gardiner!



Midnight Jewel7-8_MidnightJewel

Richelle Mead

Richelle Mead has been a BookPeople favorite since Vampire Academy swept the nation! Now, the highly anticipated second installment in her Glittering Court series is out today and we couldn’t be more excited that she’s coming here to speak about and sign Midnight Jewel, introducing us to her awesome new heroine, Mira, as she becomes entangled in the dark and political underbelly of the Glittering Court! YA Coordinator Shannon has been drooling over this book for ages and just got her hands on a copy–she can’t wait for the event July 8th at 6PM!





How to Fall in Love with Anyone

Mandy Len Catron

An insightful, charming, and absolutely fascinating memoir from the author of the popular New York Times essay, To Fall In Love With Anyone Do This, Mandy Len Catron’s collection of essays How To Fall In Love With Anyone explores the romantic myths we create and explains how they limit our ability to achieve and sustain intimacy. Don’t miss the event with Mandy Len Catron here at Bookpeople July 9th at 3PM, for what is sure to be a truly revealing afternoon!






Daryl Gregory

Mixing the mundane and fantastic, Spoonbenders is brand new today and alreay garnering bookseller recommendations! Part-time bookseller Will B says “Spoonbenders is the story of a family of once-famous psychics in which the method and style of storytelling by Gregory is half the fun…resonated with me on a deep level and reminded me of my own family”, while Raul, our first floor IM calls it “A fantastic and utterly hilarious look at family and what it takes to live with special people”. Don’t miss our upcoming event with author Daryl Gregory on July 10th at 7PM! 




Quiet Until The Thaw

Alexandra Fuller

Brand new today Quiet Until The Thaw is a novel about two Native American cousins from a South Dakota reservation whose ideologies diverge and place the cousins in conflict. Diving into the history of oppression faced by Native Americans from the federal government, Alexandra Fuller’s new novel speaks to the eternal connectivity of past and present. Join us and author Alexandra Fuller on July 13th at 7PM for an introspective speaking and signing event!




SevenStonesToStandOrFallSeven Stones to Stand or Fall

Diana Gabaldon

While we pine longingly, awaiting the next full-length installment of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series, seven short stories set in the Outlander universe are here today, including two original stories, with a few revolving around Lord John Grey. Seven Stones To Stand Or Fall expands the Outlander universe, features appearances by the beloved Jamie Fraser, and brings to print for the first time several stories that had only ever been available in e-book anthologies!




TheWakingLandThe Waking Land

Luiza Sauma

Our booksellers are already in love with this debut from Callie Bates out today! The Waking Land is a fantasy novel about a girl, pressured by her father to lead a rebellion she doesn’t believe in against the king who raised her, with a magic she’s repressed for years. Jessica B, gifts inventory manager says she enjoyed the “strong female characters, personal struggles, and the writing is fantastic and reads like a dream”–while bookseller Rachel The Waking Land “deftly merges familiar motifs in innovative ways…and what could have easily been overdramatic teenage angst is instead a seemingly effortless examination of the grief of losing everything”.



SharkDrunkShark Drunk

Morten Stroksnes

Nonfiction adventure stories are just the thing for summer! Morten Stroksnes’ new book, Shark Drunk recounts the wild pursuit he and his best friend embarked on trying to find and catch the Greenland shark–a behemoth of a shark whose flesh contains a toxin known to make people drunk. Ex-2nd Floor-IM Jan is that friend who always watches Shark Week–she says “In a rubber dinghy off a small island at the top of the world sit two men gazing into the deep. Part friendship tale, fishing adventure into the frozen north, Shark Drunk examines our relationship with the sea–from poets to painters to scientists to fishermen. Stroknes fluently blends the brutally honest with the lyrically picturesque. This book is more human than two men. This book is more intoxicating than one shark.”



OffTheCliffOff The Cliff

Becky Aikman

This new non-fiction arrival delves deep into the scenes behind Hollywood in the 80s, revolving around how the cult classic Thelma & Louise turned Tinseltown on it’s head. Informed by over 150 interviews with stars, directors, producers, studio bosses, this deeply researched read is fascinating–Joe was enthralled from page one and has been sharing quotes from it since the day he picked it up–he says “Off The Cliff by Betty Aikman tells the story of the making of the groundbreaking film Thelma & Louise while at the same time exposing how Hollywood treats women both in front of and behind the camera. A fascinating and depressing read that should be on the top of everyone’s reading list.”




Karin Tidbeck

Karin Tidbeck’s Amatka has taken BookPeople by storm! A slim and unassuming paperback original, this powerful literary sci-fi novel packs an incredible punch that has got our SF loving staff buzzing with excitement about its incredible exploration of a world where words can literally shape reality. First floor Inventory Manager Raul thinks it’s “Truly an awesome and well imagined read…sure to be a nominee for Hugo and Nebula awards!” while Thomas W, master bookseller says Amatka “blends Communist sensibility and science fiction tropes to create a book that reminds me very much of 1984, if it had been written by Ursula LeGuin” and art director Tomoko says it “explores the ramifications of forcing reality to fit a standardized perspective. Worth hours of post-read pondering!” Amatka is our Top Shelf pick for July–be sure to check out the extended review from these three booksellers when it goes up on our blog tomorrow!




Cynthia Rylant Illus by Brendan Wenzel

“Life begins small, then grows…” Eugenia, our kids event coordinator, is so in love with Life, a new picture book out today and our Kids New and Noteworthy pick! Through the eyes of animals all over the world, Cynthia Rylant explores what it means to be alive in this lovely appreciation of the many facets of earthly existence. Filled with gorgeous illustrations from recent Caldecott Honoree, Brendan Wenzel, we can’t get enough of this beautiful new book about life!




GentlemansguidetoviceandvirtueThe Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue

Mackenzi Lee

A dazzling, atmospheric debut set against the mesmerizing backdrops of Rio De Janiero, the Amazon, and London, Flesh and Bone and Water straddles two worlds with haunting meditations on race, sex, and power in a deftly plotted coming-of-age story about the nature of identity, the vicissitudes of memory, and how both can bend to protect us from the truth.





Now I rise

Now I Rise

Kiersten White

Consuelo chose Kiersten White’s incredibly riveting And I Darken for our catalog last year, calling it “fascinating and complex…with Game of Thrones-style political maneuverings set in the Ottoman Empire” and “a grand example of how YA can defy stereotypes”. Finally the highly anticipated sequel Now I Rise is here! The second installment in a three-book series, the story of the Dracul siblings continues in this brutal, dark, complex and rich narrative. Of the sequel Consuelo says “It’s so easy to fall back into White’s intricate web of (alternate) history and complicated characters. She’s created a true standout of a story for readers who like their YA dark and deadly!”

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