We <3 Samantha Irby!

Our booksellers simply love Samantha Irby, creator of the blog Bitches Gotta Eat and author of the equally amazing essay collection We Are Never Meeting in Real Life. We want to be her best friends on the Internet or, at the very least, hang out with her. And now we get to! 

We’re thrilled to welcome her to Austin (and BookPeople!) on Tuesday, June 20th in conversation with Jenny Lawson aka The Bloggess. And as a bonus, Irby will be hosting a small-group discussion over her new book on our third floor at 6pm! But space will be limited so RSVP as soon as you can!

If you need more convincing, here’s what some of our booksellers have to say about We Are Never Meeting in Real Life:

“Samantha Irby rules. She rules! She’s so funny, she’s so honest, she’s reckoning with the joys, the brutalities, the everything of life while also sometimes taking a pass for a bed-day with no requirements but snacks and an old America’s Next Top Model season on loop. These essays fly by and by some strange magik, she is able to make effed up things like chronic pain, society’s bull when it comes to the Female Appearance, the mixed bag that is parental relationships not just accessible but compulsively readable. Sugar-coated medicine? Sure. This book will fill you up.”- Molly M

“I want to hug Sam, but will settle for a respectful fist-bump if joint issues are a thing. I want to start an Introvert-Chronic-Pain-Suffering-Self-Deprecating-Funny-Ladies Club whose membership consists of just me and Sam. In keeping with the thematic title of the book, our club holds no meetings.” – Jan

“I want to watch TV on the couch with Samantha Irby. Or maybe go to brunch. Or maybe just be the kind of friends where I can text her weird things people say to me. These essays made me laugh until I cried and while many are clearly very personal they are still relatable in a way so few essays truly are. We need more people like her to make us reevaluate every choice we make and every social interaction we are forced to have.” – Abby

“I am a 6 foot 1 inch white guy living in the country in central Texas…yet I feel a connection with this self described fat black woman from Chicago after reading this set of essays. Am I too much of a complete asshole if I say: “you go girl”? Social deprivation, shitty upbringing and a fucking abysmal, dark sense of humor…I dare anyone to read this and not fucking laugh in despair…GET SOME SAM!!!” – Jason

“It would be difficult for me to overstate how much I admire Samantha Irby. She covers a spectrum of topics, from serious adult relationship to side-of-the-road diarrhea, from a difficult childhood to the joys of reality television. She is at once hilarious and heartbreakingly revealing — just what one could hope for from an (internet) best friend. With this new book Irby joins the ranks of writers like Lindy West, Roxane Gay, and David Sedaris — hilarious geniuses who have something important to say, but who aren’t afraid to include poop jokes.” – Claire


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