New Books 1/10!

Susan Dennard – Windwitch

Check out the sequel to TRUTHWITCH! We had the great pleasure of hosting Dennard this weekend with Alexandra Bracken, and boy, was it wonderful! Pick up your signed copy of this electrifying series today.

Katharine Arden – The Bear and the Nightingale

A fiery and strong-willed heroine, immersion in a supernatural world of Slavic spirits, and richly detailed descriptions of biting cold and snow cement Katherine Arden’s debut novel as the perfect book to bury yourself in. A fairytale built out of Russian folklore, THE BEAR AND THE NIGHTINGALE promises to be this year’s UPROOTED, replete with complex characters, frightening villains, and the enchanting atmospheric setting of a Russian forest in winter, glittering and dangerous. THE BEAR AND THE NIGHTINGALE is also our first Trust Fall pick of the year, don’t miss the event TONIGHT at 7PM with Katherine Arden!

Maurice Sendak – Pierre Board Book

New for your youngest, most destructive, reader, four Sendak classics from his beloved Nutshell Library are finally coming out in hardy board format. For over fifty years, children have cared about Pierre, the little boy who doesn’t care about anything until he meets a lion. And now they can encounter the moral of Pierre as a board book! This new format makes it a perfect choice for children and their grown-up readers to return to again and again.

Robin Roe – A List of Cages 

This debut young adult novel from Texas author Robin Roe will break your heart with its story of an orphaned boy caught in a terrible, abusive situation and the friendship that saves him. As Adam and Julian’s friendship grows and the truth of Julian’s true life is revealed, readers will hang on every word of this emotionally devastating yet profoundly hopeful story about friendship, love, and the true meaning of family.

Mette Ivie Harrison – For Time and All Eternities

“I’ve enjoyed all of Harrison’s Linda Walheim mysteries thus far, each using a murder as a jumping off point to explore internal debates in Mormonism. Her third, For Time and All Eternities, contains my favorite puzzle to date – a ‘locked compound’ mystery – representing Harrison’s increasing mastery of the genre. When a polygamist patriarch is murdered by one of his wives, Linda Wallheim, is asked to the family’s compound by her future daughter-in-law who just so happens to be a reluctant member of the family. She must make her way, wife by wife, through the compound, for a fascinating glimpse into an insular subculture. ” Molly O – bookseller and mystery expert!

And join us on Monday, January 23rd at 7pm when we host Mette Ivie Harrison for a talk and signing of For Time and All Eternities.

Clinton Kelly – I Hate Everyone Except You 

Award-winning media personality and co-host of the wildly popular makover show “What Not To Wear”, Clinton Kelly is going to be here TOMORROW at 7PM to celebrate the release of his brand new book I HATE EVERYONE, EXCEPT YOU – a deep and unabashedly frank memoir that reveals some heretofore-unknown secrets about everyone’s favorite fashion consultant in a hilariously candid, deliciously snarky collection of essays about his journey from awkward kid to slightly-less-awkward adult.

Chandler Baker – Teen Hyde

Sunshine is the answer to all of life’s worries – not perfect? Just take a little drop of Sunshine and everything will be right as rain – who needs to worry about a little memory loss? The next installment in the HIGH SCHOOL HORROR series from Chandler Baker is here! Don’t miss the event on Friday the 13th at 7PM with Baker, Kim Liggett (THE LAST HARVEST), and Neal Shusterman (SCYTHE) for a jam-packed spooky event! Come on out, because we can’t wait!


Kim Liggett – The Last Harvest 

In a rural midwest town a brutal murder has everyone murmuring about devil worship – now on the first anniversary of the slaughter, suspicions rise as Clay Tate tries desperately to reconcile his life with his father’s insanity and death and the ominous signs pointing him to something darker. Don’t miss the event on Friday the 13th at 7PM with Kim Liggett, Chandler Baker (Teen Hyde), and Neal Shusterman (SCYTHE) for a jam-packed spooky event! Come on out, because we can’t wait!

Ayelet Waldman – A Really Good Day 

Jan, 2nd Floor IM calls Ayelet Waldman’s memoir, A REALLY GOOD DAY, “an optimistic revolution of consciousness and perception.” Former federal public defender turned writer and the mother of teenagers, Ayelet Waldman began microdosing with LSD when her mood storms became unmanageable by prescribed medication.”Perimenopausal mood swings and chronic pain lead Waldman to undertake a journey of becoming a ‘psychedelic researcher’–one who self-experiments on subperceptual microdosing of hallucinogenic drugs. She also administers microdoses of medical history which leads to a call for rejecting the current narrative that’s been the decades-long directive of the War on Drugs and to start asking the right questions: what treatments for psychological distress are we missing by banning research on psychedelics? Is the war on drugs more harmful than helpful?”

Samantha Schweblin – Fever Dream

FEVER DREAM has been accruing an incredible amount of bookstore buzz, and for all the best reasons. Translated from Spanish, FEVER DREAM is the confession of a woman on her deathbed, progressing with ever-increasing dread, related to a young man who isn’t her son but may know more about her revelation than she does. A cautionary tale, a ghost story for the real world, a nightmare come to life, FEVER DREAM is perfectly and aptly named.

Mary Miller – Always Happy Hour 

In her brand new collection of short stories, Mary Miller combines hard-edged prose and savage Southern charm, showcasing biting contemporary talent at its best.Taking a microscope to delicate patterns of love and intimacy, Miller evokes the reticent love among the misunderstood, the gritty comfort in bad habits that can’t be broken, and the beat-by-beat minutiae of fated relationships.Like an evening of drinking, ALWAYS HAPPY HOUR is a comforting burn, warm and intoxicating in its brutal honesty. Plus, Mary Miller will be in the store on Wednesday February 1st at 7pm for a talk & signing!

Richard Garriott – Explore/Create

Second-generation space explorer, pioneer of the multiplayer online gaming industry, member of every gaming Hall of Fame, the man who coined the term “Avatar” to describe an individual’s online character, and the inspiration for a character in Ernest Cline’s READY PLAYER ONE, Richard Garriott has been a legendary lifelong influence on gaming industry and culture and behind some of the most exciting undertakings of our time. His brand new book EXPLORE/CREATE is not just an inspiring memoir, but includes interactive tie-ins, tips, and secret codes for his games. Bonus! Garriot is going to be here SUNDAY, January 15TH at 3PM for an incredible presentation and signing!

Emily Esfahani Smith – The Power of Meaning 

Americans have a lot to be happy about, and yet we’re more dissatisfied than ever. In THE POWER OF MEANING, Emily Esfahani Smith argues that we’ve been chasing the wrong thing. It’s not happiness that makes life worth living—it’s meaning. Drawing on the latest cognitive science research, as well as insights from literature and philosophy, and her own prodigious reporting, Smith shows that by developing a “meaning mind-set,” we can all achieve a deeper satisfaction. Join us JAN 22ND at 3PM as Smith discusses her book and the four pillars of meaning!


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