Preview of our Holiday Catalog 2016!

Trainwreck – Sady Doyle 

“Well-behaved women never make history” is an adage for a reason: it has a ring of truth. The relationship between a woman and the public is a multifaceted entity that often becomes more important than the individual. When a woman establishes her own narrative, she steps outside the strict rules of society. A misogynistic society that considers the public persona more important than the individual persona will hijack her narrative. Thus the trainwreck is born. In this microhistory, Doyle examines our modern trainwrecks like Britney Spears, Amy Winehouse, and Miley Cyrus, then constructs a wider context in Mary Wollstonecraft, Harriet Jacobs, and other trainwrecks that we have claimed into the pantheon of feminism. 2016 is an amazing year for feminist publications, but as a woman who has her middle fingers furled and ready to fly on the regs, my heart beats most strongly with the tempo of these wrecked women.” – Jan

Koreatown – Deuki Hong and Matt Rodbard

“Koreatown is more than a cookbook filled with Korean recipes, it is an examination of Korean-American culture and a guide of how to eat and drink in Koreatown. Pouring through these pages, I’ve added words like banchan, dakgangjeong, bibimbap, and soju to my vocabulary. Presented here are recipes for staples like bulgogi and kimchi jjigae, fusion dishes like Korean Sloppy Joes, golbi meatballs, and one hell of a kimchi fried rice. Accompanying interviews with Korean-American entrepreneurs and chefs give great insight into the Korean-American experience. Peppered throughout are insights from celebrity foodies like Andrew Zimmern. Also author Adam Johnson (The Orphan Master’s Son) gives brief input on his time in North Korea as well. Sam Horine’s photography rejects traditional food shots, showcasing street corners and neon signs and the revelries at the dinner table. Koreatown reimagines the cookbook as an honoring of a predominantly flourishing American culture and its food.” – Gregory

The Regional Office is Under Attack – Manuel Gonzales

“What if I told you there existed a book, one unafraid to cross the line (repeatedly) between the realms of literary and genre fiction? A book equal parts high-flying adventure and gut wrenching drama. And what if I told you therein you would find a tale involving, but not limited to, a clandestine organization of butt-kicking women, revenge, regret and abandonment, oracles, and robotic arms, all propelled by a kinetic force not dissimilar to a Taratino-esque take on Charlie’s Angels? That book is Manuel Gonzalez’s The Regional Office Is Under AttackPut Gonzalez’s stellar debut novel high on your list of upcoming reads. His sheer inventiveness and wicked humor is sure to have you turning page after page as the plot thickens and revelations are made. So? What are you waiting for? Haven’t you heard?! The Regional Office Is Under Attack!” – Uriel

Before the Fall – Noah Hawley

“Before the Fall is nothing like anything you’ve ever read before. A plane, headed for New York, crashes into the ocean and there are only two survivors. Just a tragic, unfortunate, hands-of-fate, freak accident…right? While originally you might think so, like any great novel there’s far more than meets the eye. Two of the wealthiest men in New York were on that plane, along with their families. And is it a coincidence that the lone adult survivor happens to be a strong swimmer and makes it to the nearest land mass supporting a four year-old boy? Or is there something more? I spent two solid days completely absorbed, binge-reading, and whoever gets this book will do exactly the same. It has a little bit of something for everyone… suspense, action, characters with a lot of depth, and a whole lot of heart.” – Melissa

The Girls – Emma Cline

“Emma Cline’s debut novel The Girls navigates the familiar waters of a Manson-esque cult while steering the course away from an often patriarchal focus, giving narration duties instead to middle aged woman Evie Boyd.  Evie recounts the events of her 14-year-old self during the summer of 1969 from the far-removed vantage point of her adult life and finds herself reflecting with clarity on a time of youthful indiscretion equal parts confusing, shameful, and exciting.  Evie’s struggle with the balance between the bonds of acceptance and the weight of expectation accompanying this misguided belonging are masterfully crafted at the hands of Emma Cline whose writing style beautifully captures the full arch of understanding granted by time and experience. The writing is on the wall, so to speak, Emma Cline is your new favorite author.” – Stephen

Pit Bull – Bronwen Dickey

“How many of us grew up just knowing that “pit bulls” are dangerous without ever questioning why? After adopting her own pit-mix, Bronwen Dickey did question it. Dickey spent seven years conducting research and interviewing breeders, veterinarians, trainers, and animal behaviorists, as well as dog-bite victims and advocates of BSL (Breed-Specific Legislation). What she discovered is that much of the pit bull’s current reputation stems not from scientific research, but from human failure to accurately identify dog breed by sight, biased media reporting, and the projection of deep-seated issues with race and class divisions onto these innocent dogs. Dickey also details how BSL can be a danger to public health and safety by putting too narrow a focus on pit bulls, ignoring the bite histories of other, more socially acceptable breeds. Pit Bull is an engaging and necessary addition to canine literature and a must-read for dog lovers!” – Amelia

American Heiress – Jeffrey Toobin

“While my sister and I really wanted to be watching ‘Get Smart’ reruns, my father insisted we watch Uncle Walter (Cronkite) on the nightly news. Thus I was introduced into the revolutionary world of Patty Hearst and the SLA at the age of ten and I was fascinated. Jeffrey Toobin takes us all back to those years with an in depth look at Patty’s abduction, indoctrination and dedication to the SLA cause and the subsequent aftermath. How would this have played out in today’s overwhelming web and 24 hour news presence? Probably would barely be a blip on the radar. back then, it was nuts! Great book, high on details, great flow….” – Jason


You Will Know Me – Megan Abbot

“In the wicked parable that forms Megan Abbott’s latest foray into the terrifying world of teenage girls, she explores the tight-knit world of gymnastics prodigy Devon Knox, her family, and her community, all under immense pressure as the Olympics, and Devon’s one chance to qualify, draw nearer and nearer. After a good-looking fellow who works at the gym turns up dead in a hit-and-run, the community is rent with sadness and secrets, and Devon’s mother, from whose perspective the story is told, suspects there is more to the young man’s death than her community wants to admit. Abbott takes us on a dark journey for a glimpse at morality cast aside in the face of sublime, raw talent.” – Molly O.

Hamilton: A Revolution – Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy McCarter

“In October of 2015, Lin-Manuel Miranda debuted Hamilton: An American Musical and completely changed the cultural landscape. While you may think that the lives of a Caribbean immigrant, an Irish tailor, a French General, and an early American abolitionist might not make for a compelling musical story, history, hip hop, and humor all combine to create something that extends far beyond the simple Broadway musical it appears to be. This book is more than just a collection of lyrics, though for that alone it is a gem (I’m looking at you “Guns & Ships”!) This is a treasure trove of stories about the making of the musical, the odd tidbits of history behind the revolution and the lives of these titanic figures, and the genius that went into creating one of the most important musicals of our time.” – Thomas

The Night Gardener – Eric & Terry Fan

“I loved The Night Gardener by Terry and Eric Fan this year. It’s beautiful and subtle, which is proof that less is more even when (especially when!) it comes to picture books. It’s delightfully imaginative and a lovely dose of magical realism for kiddos. There’s mystery, and curiosity, and every page of text complements the illustrations perfectly. The art is sophisticated and inviting, but the text isn’t daunting. All the above and so much more makes it a perfect book for readers of any age!” – Rachel

Lucy – Randy Cecil

“We all need our heartstrings pulled a little, now and then, and Lucy does just that.  Lucy, an adorable little white dog, remembers having a home once. Now she sleeps wherever she can find a quiet place and eats whatever scraps she can find – or eats off the string that dangles in front of the red door each morning.  Eleanor is a sweet little girl who yearns for the small white dog who eats the food she carefully dangles on a string out her window each morning.  Eleanor’s father wants nothing more than to entertain people, juggling cans, or dishes, or whatever he can find.  Their three stories weave together in this touching tale.  I HIGHLY recommend you take a few minutes, sit down with your kids, and read this book together. Consider it a little exercise for your heart!” – Staci

And I Darken – Kiersten White

“Alternative history with a gender-swapped Vlad the Impaler and Game of Thrones-style political maneuverings set in the Ottoman Empire was not something I even knew I was looking for as a reader. With such an unusual concept, this book immediately grabbed my interest and kept me enthralled from start to finish. Lada gets top billing as the fierce and (not slightly) sinister heroine. The character of her brother Radu, though opposite, is equally as fascinating and complex.  Each must make sacrifices as they struggle to find their own place in the world amidst ever raising stakes. A story about love and hate, ambition and betrayal, friendship and family, And I Darken is a grand example of how YA can defy stereotypes and be whatever it wants to be.” – Consuelo 

Texas Cheeseboards

“Howdy, friends, are you fixin’ to give up on your perfect-gift search for that Rodeo Queen (or King!) in your life who loves, lives, and breathes Austin, Texas, and all things Festival? The next Food Network star-wannabe who’s crazy about the Lone Star State? Y’all can stop your fussing—BookPeople has a couple of great gift suggestions to send your way! For the perfect host who loves to kick up their boots in the live music Capitol and has everything but: an acoustic guitar-shaped cutting board that doubles as cheese platter! For the good ol’ homegrown Texan, or even the newly transplanted, Talisman Designs’ provides a Texas license plate etched wooden cheese board, great for any tailgating occasion. Rope ‘em in quick, and steer one or both into that shoppin’ basket before they fly off the shelves this holiday season!” – Christine

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