New Books 8/23

BeholdTheDreamersImbolo Mbue- Behold The Dreamers

“Behold the Dreamers is an exploration of marriage and also what it means to be American. These dual t hemes reverberate off each other in surprising ways and there were moments when Mbue’s words struck me right in the heart.” -Consuelo

TheTerrorYearsLawrenceWright919Lawrence Wright – The Terror Years: From Al-Qaeda to the Islamic State

“Lawrence Wright is the master of investigative journalism. The Looming Tower, Going Clear, Thirteen Days, etc..all incredible pieces of insight. Here, he takes pieces previously written for The New Yorker and stitches them all together for a fresh look into the FBI, Syria, Al Queda…all of it…all ugly and debilitating…all enlightening…the world is a mess…” – Jason

SurrenderNewYorkCaleb Carr – Surrender, New York

Trajan Jones is a former NYPD police officer who finds himself whittling away his days teaching a less than thrilling online criminal justice course. But when several local kids are found dead under suspicious circumstances, Jones is suddenly thrust back into the line of duty. As Jones and his colleagues delve deeper into their investigation, they attract the dangerous attention of the murder

TheVegetarianHan Kang – Vegetarian (paperback)

“It all started with the nightmare. In the midst of Kim Yeong-hye and her husband’s mediocre, middle-class marriage, the dream about blood and meat and carnage. To make the dream stop, Yeong-hye stops eating meat. Then all food. Eventually, she becomes more plant-like than animal to those around her. This book is about transformation: birthmarks bloom into flowers, trees alight with flames, arms stretch out into roots, a bird speaks with a mother’s voice, a piece of art transcends the piece itself to shatter several lives. Yeong-hye’s violent dreams are a product of a lifetime of internalized aggressions, microaggressions, and passive erasure. This book is about the violence that women hold onto inside themselves and the only way to let it go is to let go of the entire world. A reader might balk at Yeong-hye’s lack of voice throughout the story, considering that she is the subject. But for anyone who has watched someone make the decision to destroy themselves, we know that at a certain point, satisfying answers are never forthcoming. Recommended pairing with Young-ha Kim’s I Have The Right to Destroy Myself.” – Jan

MyLifeOnTheRoadGloria Steinem –  My Life on the Road (paperback)

Internationally renowned journalist and activist Gloria Steinem recounts for us how her lifetime spent on the road help to shape her approach to the world. From cross country road trips with her father to Bobby Kennedy’s campaign trail and joining social activists in India, Steinem paints a vivid picture of a lifetime on the move, and emphasizes the importance of listening and learning along the way. Now in paperback!


TheUncorckerofOceanBottlesMichelle Cuevas, Erin E. Stead – The Uncorcker of Ocean Bottles

This beautiful picture book, written by Michelle Cuevas (MASTERWORK OF A PAINTING ELEPHANT) and illustrated by Erin E. Stead (IF YOU WANT TO SEE A WHALE) is all about the joy of receiving mail! On an island far away, a man uncorks messages in bottles and sends them off to their intended recipient. But what happens when he finds a message addressed just to him? Truly wonderful!



James PontiFramed! A T.O.A.S.T. Mystery

From the mastermind behind the DEAD CITY novels comes a middle-school mystery perfect for any aspiring gumshoe. Florian Bates is a top-notch private eye with a theory…a Theory of All Small Things (TOAST, for short). Everything is connected, even the most minute of details. But what happens when he and his new best friend uncover a mystery that is anything but small? Find out in this delightful book.  


TheLeftHandedFateKate Milford – The Left-Handed Fate

Last year, Topher (school outreach director and BookPeople’s very own booktalk guru) fell in love with THE GREENGLASS HOUSE by Kate Milford. This year she brings us THE LEFT-HANDED FATE, another Nagspeake adventure. Lucy and Max seek to end a terrible naval war between England and France. While searching for three hidden pieces of a mysterious engine, they are captured by American pirate Oliver, who is only twelve years old. Chock full of action and adventure



Kelly DiPucchio, Greg Pizzoli Dragon was Terrible

Thanks to Kelly DiPucchio (EVERYONE LOVES BACON) and Greg Pizzoli (THE WATERMELON SEED) we have a new favorite book about dragons! Dragon is terrible in so many ways: He scribbles in books. He steals candy from baby unicorns. He even burps in church. How rude! Who can tame Dragon? Time for a hero to rise to the occasion!

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