Join the Lexicon Devil Reader’s Club!

The first meeting of the LdRc is in the record books, as the saying goes. Big bunch of thanks goes out to Doc’s Motorworks Bar & Grill on 38th street for hosting the event.

And a great big shout out to Save The World Brewing for the cool swag as well! Save the World is based in Marble Falls and is a non profit that donates its proceeds to various charities including Meals on Wheels and Habitat for Humanity. How cool is that? Drink fancy badass beers and help those in need!

We talked about Evel by Leigh Monteville. The general consensus is that the book itself was a good read; researched thoroughly, balanced and factual.

The general consensus on Evel Knievel is that he was generally not a good human being. He lied, cheated, thieved, conned and generally just cajoled his way through life. But what a damn colorful life it was. He was really the first internationally known Daredevil whom without his gutsy, no holds barred, by feel antics, there would not be the X Games as we know them today.

This snippet from the Johnny Carson show at the height of his powers in 1973 pretty much paints the picture:

So where does the LdRc go now? The primary tenant of this gang of readers is that each book must somehow lead to the next. So Evel and motorcycles? Ok, lets take a look at Motorcycles as a part of culture.

fc9780345410085Hunter S. Thompson, the Grandfather of Gonzo Journalism, wrote an article in 1965 for The Nation about The Hells Angels, considered then and now to be the epitome of the outlaw biker gang. This long form article enabled Hunter to then embed himself with the San Francisco and Oakland chapters of the notorious gang. He spent close to a year hanging out with and observing these particular band of very dangerous merry pranksters. Watch this interview with Thompson and one of the Hells Angels leaders.

This book launched Thompson’s career and is a wild and entertaining read and ride.

Join Us!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


7:00 PM

Remember, get your book at BookPeople for 10% off, just tell the cashier you are buying it for the club.

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