The Nightmare Factory Experiences The 5th Great Awakening With Stephen King’s REVIVAL

Come one, come all!  Step right up into the healing spark of the Nightmare Factory Book Club!  No matter the malady, regardless of ailment, if you accept the infernal circuitry of the Nightmare Factory, your problems will be forgotten, and the pure vision that is unspeakable chaos will be granted unto you.  The secret electricity does not discriminate, so be your soul pure or wicked, your conscience clean or corrupt, place your left hand atop the one true book – Revival by Stephen King – and lower the unholy electrodes over your heads, brothers and sisters, because the Nightmare Factory is about to throw the switch, so that we may all ride the lightning home to glory.

Revival harnesses the incendiary flash of genuine storytelling as only Stephen King can convey it.  The narrative arcs from pole to pole as two complex subjects ricochet off one another over and over again, sending off sparks through the decades that, given enough tinder, could envelop the world.  The current alternates between a preacher poisoned by grief and a self-destructive musician as they betray themselves and each other in their respective, debased attempts at redemption.  Plunging into the unfathomable terror of the great unknown, the story charges through lives inextricably convoluted by circumstance, defying death, destiny, and the divine for an unadulterated view of infinity.
Revival plugs firmly into the greater Stephen King mythos and nods to classic works of supernatural literature while nevertheless maintaining its subjectivity as a self-contained work of fiction.  Its brevity demonstrates an uncharacteristic restraint by its infamously verbose author, and its craftsmanship hints at more dark electricity to come from the undisputed champion of horror fiction.
Join the Nightmare Factory Book Club on Tuesday January 19th at 7:00 p.m. under the neon lights of CoffeePeople – the cafe inside BookPeople – to talk all things Stephen King, share your experience of Revival, and revel in the camaraderie of the damned.  The Nightmare Factory meets on the third Tuesday of every month to partake in the finest palaver, using horror fiction as a devilish diving board for discussion, so abandon all pretenses, embrace the weird, and be welcomed into our profane fold.  Can I get a hallelujah?
-Steve(n) W.
Steve(n) & Nicole show us February's Nightmare Factory selection: The Mothman Prophecies.
Steve(n) & Nicole show us February’s Nightmare Factory selection: The Mothman Prophecies.

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