Nightmare Factory Book Club meets TONIGHT

speaks the nightbird
Be forewarned, gentle reader, that even now there is a war raging for your spirit. On one side are the forces of Good, which seek to elevate thy very nature to that of pure, unadulterated light. Opposing all that, which is just and virtuous, however, stands the Nightmare Factory book club, who will not rest until every mind is corrupt and wicked, and every devotee of literary horror fiction has been cast into the Abyss of damnation. See that you do not fall under the perfidious thrall of these false hierophants, for their malevolent designs are not on your redemption but rather on the eternal torment of your soul. This very Tuesday June 17th at 8:00 PM, a council of concerned citizens will congregate at the divine sepulcher of BookPeople’s blessed cafe to consult the holy text of Robert McCammon’s prophetic Speaks the Nightbird before gathering arms, rousing the blighted Nightmare Factory book club from their slothful stupor, and casting these sinners out.

Originally published as two separate and now woefully out-of-print, individual volumes, Robert McCammon’s colossal Speaks the Nightbird will test the strength of any nightstand, and it detonates like an M-80 when it falls to the ground. Rather than sprinting through the whole monster in a single month, therefore, the Nightmare Factory book club has benevolently split the single volume edition into its original incarnation, tackling Speaks the Nightbird, Volume I: Judgment of the Witch (pages 1-415) in June and devouring Speaks the Nightbird, Volume II: Evil Unveiled (pages 416-792) in July. That said, the suspenseful veil of mystery that surrounds the captivating epic is so engaging that it has been a struggle not to read the entire tome in one sitting. Speaks the Nightbird is a historical murder drama that pits a young legal clerk with a bloodhound’s nose for malfeasance against a 17th Century Carolina town that is harboring a great evil. Killers, plagues, witches, pirates, bears, and courtroom proceedings haunt the pages of Robert McCammon’s Speaks the Nightbird, so join the Nightmare Factory book club tonight at 8:00 PM in the cafe at BookPeople to add a newt’s eye to our cauldron of convivial conversation.

The Nightmare Factory book club brushes away the cobwebs and scrapes the grave dirt off of the haunted piano in BookPeople’s enigmatically befogged cafe on the third Tuesday of every month at 8:00 PM to discuss the latest, greatest, or just fun-est in horror fiction for an unforgettable hour of screams. We’re always scrying for a new poppet to bewitch so float by this Tuesday, June 17th to unearth Speaks the Nightbird by Robert McCammon. This Tuesday, our witchcraft “spells” whimsy.

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