Give Me Summer! Give Me Books!: New Reads from Meghan

give me give me summer books
Great New Books for Summer!

~post by Children’s Book Buyer Meghan G.

We just launched our third annual Give Me Summer! Give Me Books! summer reading campaign featuring great paperbacks for kids of all ages to cart around on all their summer adventures (if you need a brush-up on the specifics, check out all the details).

To participate, readers need to read six books, including three from the official list for their grade range. But the other three books are up to you! So here are some additional recommendations for those voracious readers who want something hot off the presses.

Here are a few of my favorite new releases for grades 6-8:

the glass sentenceThe Glass Sentence by S.E. Grove
This thrilling first book in the Mapmakers Trilogy introduces a world where time has fractured, creating a shattered world in which countless eras of history exist side by side. Amid the chaos, intrepid explorers and learned cartographers try to make sense of it all using maps of marvelous invention. But when the great cartologer Shadrack Elli gets kidnapped, his niece Sophia (cartologer-in-training) is thrust on a quest to save him–dodging relentless foes, finding unexpected friends, and making startling discoveries along the way. This engrossing fantasy begs to be read in one sitting, introducing a richly realized, vastly complex world that you won’t want to leave. I wish we could say you won’t have to wait a year for the second book in the series!

the thicketyThe Thickety: A Path Begins by J.A. White
This creepy story of a village shadowed by a dark forest and a darker power inside is not for the faint of heart. Luckily for Kara, she has had to grow up strong, strong enough to bear the loss of her mother, killed for being a witch; the burden of her father, crushed by guilt; and the faith of her sickly younger brother, in need of a protector. And then she finds out she’s a witch, a secret that brings power and danger in equal measure. Don’t expect a cozy, heart-warming read, but do look for a strong heroine, plenty of suspense, and a terrifyingly twisted ending you won’t see coming.

we were liarsWe Were Liars by E. Lockhart
E. Lockhart’s mesmerizingly spare novel will suck you in with promises of dappled sun, first kisses, and golden days that go on for ever. But as the dark secrets hidden beneath the novel’s bright, tidy surface begin their gradual escape, you will fly feverishly forward through the pages until every last lie has been punctured. We Were Liars is a novel of brilliant beauty, taught suspense, and epic emotional impact.

These books and more are available on our shelves at BookPeople and via

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