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Do you know we have a whole blog dedicated to crime fiction? Book reviews, author Q&A’s, industry news & more can all be found over at

Here’s what Crime Fiction Coordinator Scott M. and his cohorts have been talking about the last couple of weeks: 

Scott Reviews Pale Horses by Nate Southard

“Nate Southard is a new addition to the crime fiction genre, crossing over from his previous experience writing horror. Like Tom Piccirilli and David Schow, Southard uses his skill at mining the dark side to look at the human horror in our lives. He moves into the genre seamlessly with Pale Horses….”

Scott’s Review of The Last Death of Jack Harbin, February’s MysteryPeople Pick of the Month

“Terry Shames showed amazing promise last summer with her debut, A Killing At Cotton Hill. The book, featuring her series character Samuel Craddock, a widowed retired Chief of Police, looked at issues of aging and community in a small Texas town. In her follow up, The Second Death of Jack Harbin, she digs even deeper into Craddock’s story….”

Signed copies of The Last Death of Jack Harbin are available in store and via while supplies last!

Guest Post by Terry Shames talking about Sam Craddock’s future

“The first two Samuel Craddock books I wrote came to me without much thought as to “what happens next?” in the series. But when I contemplated writing the third book, I suddenly realized that I had some big decisions to make….”

Scott’s Q&A with Terry Shames about Last Death

MYSTERYPEOPLE: How different an experience was writing the second book in the series as opposed to the first?

TERRY SHAMES: I almost feel as if the first two books were one big project. As soon as I finished the A Killing at Cotton Hill, I immediately began The Last Death of Jack Harbin….

Mark Pryor’s Book Trailer

Keeping it professional (or at least trying to), he has real fun with it. He also utilized some underage labor (his children). Mix all of this together and you get a really funny book trailer for a really great mystery series.”

Signed copies of The Blood Promise are available in store and via while supplies last!

There’s always something going on at MysteryPeople. Head over to the MP blog to check it all out.

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