Great Children’s Books to Celebrate Black History Month



Hand In Hand: Ten Black Men Who Changed America by Andrea Pinkney

By exploring the profound impact these particular African American men have each had within ten different eras of American life (from the 18th century through the present), Andrea Pinkney provides young readers with a fascinating perspective on the broader topic of America as a country. Visually enlivened by Brian Pinkney’s dynamic portraits, this impressive volume makes great reading for the historically minded.

We’ve Got a Job by Cynthia Levinson

Local author Cynthia Levinson’s well-crafted historical narrative not only provides an important history lesson about the Civil Rights Movement, but also presents kids with a wonderful example of how real children managed to make their voices part of the national dialogue in a meaningful way. Following each child’s story step by step, Levinson pushes modern readers to reflect on how they themselves might respond in similar situations and how much courage that would take.

Unspoken by Henry Cole

A young girl’s courage is tested in this haunting, wordless story. When a farm girl discovers a runaway slave hiding in the barn, she is at once startled and frightened. But the stranger’s fearful eyes weigh upon her conscience, and she must make a difficult choice. Beautiful illustrations accompany this important story.


More recommended reads for kids during Black History Month:

What Was the March on Washington by Kathleen Krull

I Have a Dream by Martin Luther King, Jr; illustrated by Kadir Nelson

Brick by Brick by Charles R. Smith, Jr.

What Color Is My World by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

We Are the Ship by Kadir Nelson

Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice by Phillip Hoose

The Great Migration: Journey to the North by Eloise Greenfield

Heart & Soul by Kadir Nelson

The Voice That Challenged a Nation: Marian Anderson and the Struggle for Equal Rights by Russell Freedman

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