What We’re Reading



Mind Games by Kiersten White
“Two sisters are being used for their paranormal gifts. One, Sofia, is a knower- her gut instinct is always right. The other Annie, is blind to the world around her but can see images of the future. Both are being abused and played against each other in order to harvest their gifts for espionage. The paranormal aspects of this book are awesome, and I can’t wait to read Kiersten White’s other books.”


The Vampire Tapestry by Suzy McKee Charnas
“I first discovered this book in high school when I was obesessed with all things vampire, but this book completely blew my mind. Instead of silky smooth maudlin vampires of the Ann Rice variety, Charnas gave us a portrait of the lonely life of a predator. You can tell it played a large influence to the first issues of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. It is up there with Theodore Sturgeon’s Some of Your Blood as one of the best modern vampire novels. I highly recommend it, 5 breakfast tacos!”

Join Joe and Steven March 19 at 8PM as they get creepy about vampires with the Nightmare Factory book club, they’ll be discussing The Vampire Tapestry!


The Princess Bride by William Goldman
“This book is awesome and it makes me laugh aloud- there are so many direct lines that cross over from book to movie. It’s very self aware and campy. You have to go into it knowing it’s farcical, otherwise you’ll be very disappointed. This books is definitely a cult classic for a reason- it’s sweeping, and epic, and the best love story every told. Westley is my favorite character of all times! I highly recommend The Princess Bride if you’re looking for a really fun read.”


Saving Maddie by Varian Johnson
“Joshua is a preacher’s son and Maddie is his best friend, and daughter of the associate pastor. Maddie moves away when both are still young, but now she’s back and has changed. She wears provocative clothing, curses, and isn’t acting as chaste as a pastor’s daughter ought. Joshua decides he must save Maddie, a decision she isn’t warmly accepting. The narrative is very straight forward but I really appreciate the way the subject is handled with care. All sides of the situation are shown, and no one is being condemned. All the characters are flawed.”

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