Teen Thursday

YA is in the air! Well not really, how would that really even work? We are excited though because Ruta Sepetys is coming to BookPeople with her new book Out of the Easy.

Out of the Easy has already gotten stellar reviews, and Willa loved it – SO you know it’s good!

“I couldn’t stop reading it. I read during class *cough cough* especially during physics *cough cough* and stayed up late reading. This book is possibly as good, if not better than Between Shades of Gray. It’s definitely happier. I can guarantee that. The plot line of Out of The Easy is addicting, weaving through New Orleans and Josie’s intriguing life, filled with cute boys and dangerous mobsters, all while Josie is dealing with her own desires for a life beyond what she knows. Any teen can relate to Josie in that way; wanting to grow up and leave home. And the setting! Sepetys is brilliant at making you feel that you’re living in the 1950′s along with Josie.” To read Willa’s full review CLICK HERE.

Check out Ruta Sepetys’ awesome video that details how she came to write Out of the Easy:

“Josie wants more for herself. She is smart, but her intelligence does not automatically free her from social confines. Like every young woman, Josie must negotiate a world where her body is valued over her mind. Her awareness of this difficult position may be what helps her get out of the Easy and into life.” CLICK HERE to read the full New York Times article.

Join us Friday, March 1 at 7PM when Ruta Sepetys will be in store speaking and signing Out of the Easy!

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